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Finally! Take Back Control of Your Metabolism and Lose 3, 6, Even 12 Pounds to Feel Confident in Your Favorite Clothes Again in Just 28 Days (Even If You’re Super Busy)

How Many FAILED (Fitness) Relationships Have You Had?

Wait!  Please!  Before you go dark, Do. Not.  Feel.  Bad.  The point of this inquiry, actually, is to convey, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  

The Client/Fitness Relationship.  One of the most ill-fated, pre-doomed relationships on the planet.  And it’s hard.  It’s really hard.  We know it’s hard not to be jaded, and stop believing all together.

But you just wait there!  That’s where we come in.  Listen.  Hear the words we’re about to tell you.


YOU, Can Be Different Too.

We’re Changing Lives.  And changing People.  28 Days at a Time.  Project Transformation.

28 days.  The Result.  Losing 3, 6, even 12lbs.  And a Transformed, Better YOU. Inside, and OUT.  In Less than a Month.

You DO have time!  (We can hear you saying you don’t!  So just Stop!)

We KNOW, you’re busy.  We know, it seems daunting to commit to a lunch date at times. Forget about committing to 28 days resulting in a total life change.  But the point is, you CAN do this.  We Promise.  Your time commitment, inside the gym, is minimal.  Project Transformation is focused, much more than anything, on your time OUTSIDE the gym.

So, If you want another fad diet, another group class, another big gym, and (sorry, we’ve gotta say it) another failed relationship, we respect your choice to repeat the same mistakes.  

But, if you want to Learn.  Get Control.  Feel Better.  With a stable partner with a proven track record of health, safety, and CHANGE, Project Transformation may be the fit for you.

Metabolic Reboot Program – ONLY 69.99 for………

  • 28 days of training (about 12 sessions)

  • 30 min goal setting and nutrition consultation

  • Unlimited assessments

  • Access to our red light/green light system, accountability programs,  level system and education