Lose 10lbs in the Next 28 Days?!?

The 28 Day Transformation is a “Done For You” Nutritional Program, to help you lose weight and develop habits that last the rest of your life.

If you want someone to break it down for you step-by-step, show you how to lose the fat, and how to keep it off – THIS is the program for you.

Are you having a hard time losing fat?
Do you need a plan because you don’t know where to start?

With The 28 Day Transformation, you’ll discover:

  • What foods are preventing you from losing weight.
  • Four (4) different grocery lists, so you know exactly what to buy when you go to the store.
  • Meal Plans, so you know what to eat and when.
  • A recipe book, so you can enjoy different foods.
  • Education Manual.

Will The 28 Day Transformation work for you?
You may have followed a million diets in the past so I understand you are skeptical. The 28 Day Transformation differs in that its plan geared towards your busy lifestyle and come with coaching from a fitness professional. This will help you find an appropriate starting point and transition after the 28 days.


Take A look at some of our members who have used The 28 Day Transformation:

Of course many people start out the New Year with many resolutions which include losing weight and more exercise. When I received the email announcing the 28 Day Transformation product, I thought why not. After five weeks following the program, I can honestly say it is the best investment I made for myelf ever. The product contains great information on “eating real whole-foods” and all the necessary tools you need to accomplish your goal of a 28 day body transformation. The plan is very easy to use and follow and includes menus for each week, shopping lists for the meals on the menu and many great recipes for the meals.
      Once I started on the voyage, I quickly realized the difference between quality real whole foods and the foods I was previously eating. The product has been very effective for me. As a result of the plan, I have lost 16 ponds, (6.7%) of my beginning weight. I have witnessed a huge difference in my body , I have more energy in class due to weight loss, and also sharper thought process.  Thanks for putting such a great product together and making it easy to follow. When I started, I was looking forward to a 28 day transformation, now I am excited about using the plan for the next 28 years.

Jim Schwartz


Kymberly Casone

“Detric is THE BOMB! In just six months I have lost 28 pounds and I am stronger than I have ever been. Last week I wanted to move a table on my deck and nobody was around to help. So, I picked it up and carried it where it needed to be moved (about 25 ft. away) and put it down without giving it a thought. I never would have been able to do that before I joined Detric’s class”

Nancy M.