Active Aging Fitness Program!

Eliminate the pains of getting older, while dramatically improving your quality of life!

Do you want to feel 20 years younger ?

Do you want to be able move carefree and have the energy to enjoy family activities?

Tired of trainers and programs that just focus on fat loss while ignoring balance, fall prevention, and strength training to remove joint pain?

A solution for people like you.
Who aren't just looking for the latest fat-loss craze or to become an athelete!



  • Discover renewed energy!
  • Improve your confidence.
  • Increase stamina + endurance.
  • Eliminate Pain - So you can enjoy time with your grandkids, without worry.
  • Have a piece of mind that you will be fit + healthy in 10, 20, & 30 YEARS from now!!

Every year you do nothing, you are losing vitality -

20 years from now, Do you know you will have the energy to spend quality time with your family and friends? Without a strategic exercise plan you will lose the ability to do everyday activities like gardening, playing with your grand-kids, moving furniture, or even picking up a piece of paper off the ground. Walking is great, but the magic lies in a well executed strength program.

                                               Why other plans have failed -

Because the biggest market for fitness is fat loss it's hard to find a program geared towards your specific needs. A lot of these programs might make you sweat a little, but they are geared towards your needs and can even cause injuries. There is more to exercise than improving your bench press, having 6 pack abs, or trying to copy the 20 year olds trying to sell you next piece of fitness equipment. More now than ever, you need that personal guidance so you know how to perform exercises correct and stay safe.

Are you wasting TIME & MONEY?

It frustrates me to see people waste their time and money on infomercials, equipment that does not work, and programs not geared towards them. It frustrates me to talk with someone who is spending thousands on medications they would not need if they invested in a quality exercise program. These meds just "mask" the problem and over time makes it worse if you don't find a natural solution.

  • Are you ready to live your life on your own terms?
  • Enjoy more activities and quality time with your family?
  • Ready to have improved energy and NO joint pain?

It's time to take action. It's time to take the first step, and then let me guide you through a program guaranteed to improve your quality of life. Over the past 15 years I have worked with individuals just like you and can't wait to change your life. That's why we can guarantee our programs unlike any other program in the Williamsburg area!!

Forget about the one size fits all programs that are not bringing you any closer to your goals. Forget about joining a commercial gym where you have no idea what to do, and have no help unless you pay an arm and leg . Forget about another book or online program that lacks the personal touch and accountability you need. We will discuss your specific goals and explain our various programs geared towards those looking for that fountain of youth.

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Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM-HFS

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" Everyday do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow" - Doug Firebaugh