In about 2 weeks I turn 37! It’s been a little over 2 decades since I picked up that first weight at the Rec. center.  Two decades means I have made a TON of mistakes! I have witnessed A LOT more in the past 18 years as a trainer. I have seen fads come in fast, then fizzle out even faster! I have done things that work well, just to stop working. Over the next few weeks I will discuss changes I have made with training, diet, and programming exercise for others.

Below are a few changes I have made over the years! They are specific to ME! I know you will learn from some of my mistakes.

My exercise program does not need a name –  Don’t obsess over being a yogi-crossfitter-boot camper-pilatier- powerlifter-bodybuilder-kettlebeller-runner person. You are an individual! You can learn from all of them. You are not any of them. The magic is when you let a professional write a program specific FOR YOU!

Prioritize not getting injured over getting results, because … there is absolutely no way you will get fast results if you are hurt all the time. Remember that ……..

There is no magic exercise, none – The magic is when you create a program that allows YOU to reach your specific goals. If someone comes to me and says “I want to improve lower body strength” the program is very specific to that person.

How strong do you have to be? this is for me! There comes a point when adding more weight to the bar takes away more than it adds. Here is a video of me in the good ol days squatting 425 lbs=>

I set a goal, reached it , and it meant a lot. But squatting 430lbs would not have improved my quality of life, at all! The obsession and time needed to add another 5 pounds took away from other qualities! We all go through phases.

what exactly is cardio?–  “All physical activity is beneficial, but according to a study presented at the American Colleges of Cardiology static activities such as strength/resistance training are more strongly associated with lower risk of heart disease than dynamic activities such as running, biking, and walking” You can read the rest of this article here =>  Do both, but……

stop with the moral victories – Chain/Fad gyms can fool you into thinking sweaty and sore = results. These things might happen during the process They don’t equal results. They know feelings mean a lot. For a chain gym trying to expand and make $ it’s much easier to throw people on a treadmill and scream at them. It’s too hard to find enough REAL COACHES to teach REAL STRENGTH TRAINING. Most of those trainers don’t know how to write an intelligent program FOR YOU!  They don’t understand the art and science . I have seen amazing results on simple programs like 2 x4, lift weights faster , or other programs I feature on the Resources page on my personal blog site =>

Prioritize recovery – If you are not recovering from your sessions you are not improving! Sleep, manage stress, soft tissue work/foam roller, nutrition, and intelligent programming! You were able to get away with doing stupid stuff when you were 20. You must train smart, not just hard.

Remove Barbell work – Any piece of equipment is a just a  tool! The barbell was my best friend between the ages of 16 and 26. I made the majority of my strength gains with the barbell.  It is my worst enemy NOW. When I removed barbell lifts my injuries went away at the same time. The barbell is  great tool. You don’t need a hammer to replace light bulbs.

I still use the barbell with a small percentage of my members. Those members are in  phases 3 and 4 of our youth development programs. It does not work for me anymore with the exception of…

I love the hex bar and the landmine trainer!  They allow me  to push hard without the risk of injury. I have also seen great results with our members! I have other specialty bars that make training with barbells joint friendly. If you would like more content related to specific exercises/routines just HIT REPLY!

Keep the goal the goal – Maybe your goal is to live longer? Enjoy great moments with your children?  grandchildren? You probably just need to move more and clean up your diet a little correct? We motivate, inspire, and hold you accountable to doing this. We do not FORCE you to do certain exercises. Every program starts with your specific needs and addresses your concerns.

higher reps, – On some exercises
and lower reps on others

More bodyweight strength work – getting in a lot of volume with bodyweight work has allowed me to improve mobility, strength, and even flexibility at the same time. The key is finding challenging enough variations to keep you going after years of training. Perfect way to get in a great quick workout when you are traveling!

more soft tissue work + mobility work , and flexibility work – Not much to add here! I just have to do more of it now.

More single leg work – A lot of bilateral lower body exercises involve the low back. Single leg variations allow me to push my lower body  harder without the risk of injury. My foundation was built on bilateral work. As you get stronger you will have to have to include a higher ratio of single leg work to train without getting injured. My personal  favorite is  the rear foot elevated split squat.

remove “junk volume”– so many people are doing exercise that make it harder to recover from the entire session, but add nothing to the session. Quality over Quantity!

adjust variables so they work within an overall plan– frequency , intensity , session length, rest periods, etc. It all matters!  If intensity goes up , then session length goes down. You can not adjust frequency without changing the others.  I can write a book on this so if you need more info. HIT REPLY to schedule your no charge consultation!

full body workout vs body part splits– There is no reason for me to do a body part split.  MOST people do not need a body part split. I see it  slowing down progress for  A LOT of people. Most people just copy people who “look good” without understanding the science behind it. Or why those things work for certain people, and not others.

go to sleep! – Sleep makes you a better person. It improves everything. Your day starts with sleep. It does not end with sleep.

A great exercise program, written by a QUALITY trainer, is like grandma’s casserole recipe. It involves some ingredients and skills that you will not master your first (900) time. The generic chain- franchise gyms, fads, or p90X are similar to eating at McDonalds. Do yourself a favor and hire a coach with experience to take things over. We sweat the details. You can just show up and break a sweat! 

My goal is to get this to 37 tips before I turn 37! Hit reply and ask me a few questions to help me out! Give me ideas on topics you want discussed? Workshop ideas?

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1

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