I opened RPT  in 2011 because my core values did not align with the gyms I previously worked for. The people who really need help,  are getting left behind. These places solve a problem for some, but they are creating problems for others. Today, I will talk about 2 problems created by…


Big Box Gyms
Beat down group sessions/knock off group personal training 


Coaching + Real Group Personal Training, or personal training from a qualified professional,  is different! 


Big Box Gyms– If you understand what to do, and don’t need the accountability,  then it can be a good fit. This does not describe the majority of people. This is why the majority of people sign up for  a long contract with these places, and then never go.


I am not saying ALL of these places are the same, but most of them are. You meet a salesperson first. They show you a bunch of fancy equipment and the place looks nice. The problem is you don’t know how to use it. If you do, then it will get boring quick. Maybe you realize the importance of strength training, but the atmosphere makes it very intimidating.


The Personal Trainers at big box gyms?– Some are good, some are bad. If you really had an understanding of the behind the scenes,  it would turn you off even more. Trainers are forced to use a sales system that makes potential members feel broken. They will then try to ask you to purchase a million sessions, before even working with you once. They make trainers sit through meetings, where they rank them on a board based on money made. Which has nothing to do with impact, or results.


Some solid trainers, but the system can make it rough for trainers and clients. Big gyms know they make their money off memberships, most who don’t even show up. So how much money are they going to invest in professional development for their personal training staff? The reality is a lot of people can not afford the rates for one on one training. Especially when they charge this on top of the membership, or try to lock you in before knowing your problem.


❓Did you know we offer a hybrid membership? Perfect for those who just need an occasional check in. We design your home or gym workout, check on technique, and work around your crazy busy schedule with calls or online coaching? Hit Reply or text 757 589 7028 if you want more info. 


Group Classes at Big Box gyms?- I mean some are good, for some people. For the most part, the fit get fitter. Do not compare this to group personal training + a coaching program! I realize a lot of people have never done group personal training, and have no clue what it is. Hope you  try it out with our FREE CONSULTATION + FREE TRIAL WEEK!


Beat down sessions/ knock off group personal training- Before I dive into this one, I am not saying anything negative here. This works for some people, but it will not work for the majority. It does not work for people who need a lifestyle change! A lifestyle change requires being consistent, over time. You have to build a foundation first. These place never do that. They start off way too fast!


The intensity sweet spot? – These places do not find it! The intensity sweet spot is being able to find that spot where you are working hard, but not overdoing it. You must find the intensity sweet spot for every INDIVIDUAL in the room! We are all different!! This is why we always start with 2 things before  going into your free trial week….


☑️A quick 5 minute call to explain the basics like cost, services, and answer your questions. 
☑️A quick 30 minute consultation to meet face to face so I  understand the problem I will solve for you. With a coaching program, both sides need to be on the same page. A place can’t claim to be personal training if they are not willing to meet with you one on one . Yes, even in a group, you are getting personal training! Or maybe you are a better fit for our one on one or semi private services 


GETTING INJURED?!-  An exercise might look cool. It might be fun. The atmosphere might be awesome! But it might not be for YOU!  You came to lose a few pounds, improve health, and have more energy. I am here to tell you the program design, or lack of, at some of these places, is terrible! IT WILL LEAD TO INJURIES!!


Jumping up and down a million times, speed and agility day for people who don’t need it, lack of goal setting, no progression schemes or modifications. Forcing people to run, who are not runners. Not good. Some of these places do not even follow a proper warm up and cool down… My style is not for everyone, but there are people that need to hear it. Safety has to come first!!!!!!


My goal? – I want to change lives. In order to do this,  I have to start by talking to the people who need qualified trainers. I want to work with people who are going to do their research, not just fall for the next fad, trend, or flavor of the day gym. We have been here since 2011. I have been training people since 2001. I have been in this game long enough to see fads come and go. We will continue to be a gym that puts you first!


I realize the timing is not perfect for some of you. But ask yourself…when will it be perfect?! Are you making it harder by not getting started today? The future might be too late. You don’t want to gamble with your health.


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Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach