I wish! New fads are Coming . Some will end, then return 20 years later. Fads and fake coaches will come and go. I started training people back in 2001. Results Performance Training  has served Williamsburg since 2011. I have been in this game long enough to see what works. A few tips…

The basics work. The basics are very boring

It is very easy to sell the latest greatest “killer” workout or extreme diet. Great Salespeople selling terrible products will always be around. They will have their 3-5 year window, then switch to a new fad to sell. Don’t get fooled! 
Coaches, and the results they get,  last forever.  They focus on the basics. 

Ruthless execution of the basics+ Accountability

A lot of people know what to do. They just don’t do it. Having a time, and a place to go, helps! A coach telling you what to do, even if you hate it, helps! 

Make things simple, not complicated 

Fads will make things seem complicated. They will make it seem like they invented something new. If an “expert” says they invented a new diet or exercise program, run away from them! 
I will listen to your unique situation. I will find an action that gives you the biggest return. I will hold you accountable to executing that one thing. Master it, then move on. 
I will not have you change 500 things at once. The trainers who do this get results, that DO NOT LAST! They will make you feel like a failure. They are the problem.  Don’t go from doing nothing, to jumping on boxes. Don’t go from eating terrible, to the new “chicken and broccoli all day everyday” plan. A COACH HAS A PROGRESSION PLAN IN PLACE. A to B to C. Not A to Z, back to A. 

Get focused!!

Hire a coach to remove everything that does NOT matter. It will make it easier to focus. Below is a fat loss example. Yes, I know that everyone does not want to lose fat. 
You need to be in a caloric deficit. There is no way around this fact. They might trick you in regards to comparing overall fat loss,  with the % of fat burned. They might trick you with fat loss vs the loss of water weight/muscle. They will make you believe their way is the only way. They will come up with a cool name that sells. It comes down to one thing, a caloric deficit. 
The person worrying about meal timing, supplements, or meal frequency will get no where. If they fail to get into a caloric deficit. I work with individuals. I use a variety of techniques that FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE. Execute a good plan. Stop trying to find a perfect plan YOU can not execute. 


You are not going to lose 20 pounds in a month. You are not going to start lifting an extra 100 pounds in a month. You might fail, and learn a few things. This is ok. It is a process. It will be very messy. It will be hard. Life will get in the way. Do what you can, with what you have.  You will save time and money by hiring a great coach! 

Embrace your Individuality 

Don’t follow the plan of your favorite fitness model. It rarely works, without  individual modifications. Some of you might not have a personal chef and 3 hours a day to workout. 
We are the best at fitting the plan to YOUR needs. Most of you are not used to this. We have so many people coming from….
overcrowded group classes that beat everyone up with intense workouts
Big gyms that sign you up for life, with no guidance 
Diet Coaches who give everyone the same meal plan
…the list goes on

Stop giving up!

I can guarantee you will feel like it some days. You are just a number at the big gym. No one is going to check on you when you miss. They only care about taking your money. 
A lot of you NEED the guidance and coaching! Don’t play around with your health. Stop waiting for the perfect time. Get control of your health in 2020! 
HIT REPLY or text 757 589 7028 so we can discuss the best option for you! – Group Training, Semi private personal training, or one on one training! 

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C, Precision Nutrition Level 1