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So, because I am a Precision Nutrition Coach, I am able to offer the same program that runs for $197 per month (on a year contract ) for … $75 per month, with no contract. Check it out here =>

And to make this an absolute no brainer for those who need assistance with the other 23 hours per day you can get this on a trial for $50 for a month, no contract…OFFER ENDS IN NEXT WEEK!!

Why and what to expect => The members on the programs are getting results! And they are commenting that it’s ……..

→ easy to follow, not as strict
→ unlike all these little weight watchers things that only work while you are paying them
→ MUCH better than our previous programs (you get all of these when you sign up for no extra charge)
→ has changed their relationship with food
→ addresses stress management
→ addresses the real reason you failed on your last plan

Why I am doing it? At this low of a rate? => To be perfectly honest I want to build social proof and get people to experience it since it’s so much different from other programs out there. Coaching a lifestyle change is much different from coaches that say …”hey go eat this” and then make you feel like a failure when you are “fall off the plan.” The plan was terrible to begin with. It was not built around YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS. They want to make you dependent on the program so you never leave. They get more money long term. … I WANT TO CREATE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE SO YOU ARE NOT HOPPING AROUND FROM DIET TO DIET YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

Just like our personal training/group training “business” we focus on building a strong relationship with a product that is a life changer. We are playing the “long game.” I plan to help you play the long game when it comes to your nutrition habits. Because most of you are hopping around from fad to fad wasting your time. Or going backward for 3 months just to try to “sprint” for a month and then fall off again …..over and over again. This program will change YOU! That is what REAL Coaches do!

And I don’t want to lock people in long term contracts because I hate working with people who are not going to put the work in. Nothing makes both sides unhappy more than some long contract for people who are not committed, or don’t see value in the program……..thus the trial period. Yeah, you have to put in the work! And if you join after that, there is still no contract……and if you do not, oh well….Because a lot of members are able to do it for a month or 2 as a jump start to a lifestyle change. Or during periods where they need extra accountability.

So check it out here => and then if you are ready to make a lifestyle change HIT REPLY or text 757 589 7028 to set up a quick call or consultation