5 Group Fitness Modifications(Video) + Dangers of fitness marketing

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☑️ Top Group Fitness Modifications (Video)

☑️ Dangers of Fitness Marketing 

☑️What is Semi private Training ?

☑️ Baby Boomer Fitness? Youth Fitness? 



☑️ Top Group Fitness Fitness Modifications 

Check out this Youtube video where I discuss the Top Group Exercise Modifications. We have levels for everyone at RPT! And if Group is not your thing, we also have our 1 on 1 and Semi-Private Groups where we match you up with people with similar goals/fitness level. Check out the video below

Top Group Fitness Modifications



☑️ Dangers of Fitness Marketing 


Today, it seems like you can’t turn on the television or browse the Internet without being inundated with health and fitness information. Although there’s nothing wrong with being healthy and getting fit, you will find that the way that many fitness personalities and companies market their ideas and products is shameful.


It’s important to understand how they operate and why falling for their marketing is a bad idea.


Everyone Claims to Be an Expert


Just about anyone today can claim that they are a fitness expert. They can start a webpage, blog, social media pages, YouTube channels, etc., with little time or expense. This means that many of the so-called experts who are marketing various products and diets don’t have actual credibility. They simply have a following. They are elevated to guru status even though they don’t have the knowledge they claim to have.


Sometimes, they peddle dangerous diet plans or exercise routines. Not having information and expertise is one thing, but using false information that could put people in danger is reprehensible. Yet, countless people do this, all in the quest to make some money without thinking about the consequences.


The Internet Is Deceptive


Are you shocked at all of the before and after photos you see on the websites of these fitness companies and personalities? With the right lighting, makeup, and a touch of Photoshop, those before and after photos might not be what they seem. The beautiful people you see are there to lure you in and to make you believe in the reality they are trying to create. They say that if you use their product, buy their book, watch their videos, etc., you can look like that, too.


This isn’t always reality. It’s marketing. They prey on your fears and insecurities as a means to have you part from your time or money. These so-called experts know what they are doing. They are using tried and true marketing tactics to get you fearful or excited about the possibilities. It’s not that much different from late-night TV infomercials, to be honest.


A Truly Healthy Lifestyle


When you want to become happier and healthier, there are certain things you should do regardless of whatever off the wall information is being dished out by the latest exercise “experts”. Namely, don’t view food and exercise as punishments. Both food and exercise should be enjoyed. Have a healthy dietary lifestyle, not a fad diet that could end up damaging your body. Don’t form unhealthy relationships with people in your life, or with those beautiful, fit, experts flooding Instagram and YouTube.


When you are looking for health and fitness information, you need to use common sense. You also need to look for true experts who aren’t trying to sell the latest pill or piece of exercise equipment. You can get toned, get stronger, and feel better when you use quality exercise techniques and eat right. There’s no need to starve yourself or injure yourself. You don’t need to bow down to the latest overnight expert or fad.


☑️What is Semi private Training ?


Semi-Private is Personal Training in a small group of 2-5 people. It is the perfect fit for those who …


  • Want personal training , but want to save some money 

  • Enjoy groups, but not a fan of large groups

  • Need more personal attention to reach your goals 

  • Like the feel of Traditional Strength Training, not just Circuits

  • Not a fan of Contracts


We find the right group for you based on your schedule, budget, goals, and preferences of who you want to work with . Or you can start your own group with a partner or two. We have a lot of times to choose from between 5AM and 730PM. Send us an email to learn more.


Of course we still have our 1 on 1 training and Group Fitness services! 


☑️ Baby Boomer? Fat Loss? Youth Fitness? 


Tell us your goals or set up a no charge consultation! Our 


Groups are for any fitness level. We even have semi- private and personal training services with themes, if you feel more comfortable working with people chasing a very specific goal. 



Email us at [email protected] or text 757 589 7028 for more information!

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