5 ways to Make Bodyweight Exercises Harder


1. Slow Down!
Increase time under tension by going slower! Focus on going slower on the eccentric or lowering phase of exercises like squats and push-ups. You can try pause reps, pulse reps, and isometrics to make bodyweight exercises challenging!

2. Reduce the Rest Periods
Maybe you are short on time? Or want to get a cardiovascular benefit from your strength training? Getting more work done in the same amount of time is a form of progress. We often use supersets, tri sets, and circuits to get a lot of quality work done in a short amount of time! Depends on your goals and experience level.


3. Try a Unilateral Variation
Combine bilateral and unilateral exercises. Throw in variations of lunges, single leg squats, single leg RDLs, single glute bridges, and many more. You can also shift weight to one side for many upper body exercises. Even out left and right and you are good to go!


4. Add Sets and Reps/volume
A gradual process. Doing this too fast will backfire. But doing the same thing without a plan to progress and challenge yourself will not work.


5. Get Explosive
You just said to slow down?! For some exercises, and some people,  getting explosive works well! For those with good technique and experience. If you plan to throw in plyometric work, work with a professional. Sadly, some professionals abuse this form of training and end up injuring people!


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