Not 20 anymore workout plan? + 6 Week challenge

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 ☑️ Not 20 anymore workout?

☑️ 6 week Jump Start Challenge

Ignoring the fact that your body has changed over the years is a bad idea. Age is not an excuse, but you have to be smarter about your plan to get results. 

You might be the person who has done nothing for 10 years, then decides to hop back on the plan you did 30 years ago. Not a good idea. The same plan that used to work will lead to injury ,burnout, and lackluster results.

You might be the person who has been consistent for the past few decades. You now have a few nagging injuries. Some exercises just don’t work anymore. 

At 39, I have been consistent with exercise for over two decades. I have also been training clients since 2001.  Here are  a few tips to keep you thriving as you age

Take it easy to start –

The biggest mistake is returning to  what you did 20 years ago:) Start off slow, build strong habits, and work towards being consistent. 

Never too late to add strength training! –

This is very intimidating for someone working out later in life. Strength training will give you more bang for your buck compared to any other form of exercise. Have a quality trainer design a program for your body type. 

Find the right type of Cardio for you!- 

 Most of you are better off keeping it low impact. The good news is running is NOT required. You will have to know the type of cardio you respond to best. HIIT or Low impact. How to blend them into a program that works for YOUR body. 

Invest in a trainer that can work around injuries- 

Do your research and find a quality trainer that is good at working with injuries. One that can recommend the best setting for you- 1 on 1, semi-private, or group fitness. I see so many people that fell for the latest intense workout craze, just to end up injured all the time. 

Keep it Low impact  and watch the getting up and down –

For complete beginners, it’s best to keep it low impact and watch the amount of getting up and down during the session. 

Have Fun and find a positive community! 

Workout buddies, trainers, and working out with friends will help a lot! Accountability will make it easier. Life is much busier than it was years ago. A community you look forward to seeing makes it harder to skip. 

Warm up , Flexibility and mobility, and soft tissue work!  

Don’t skip it! You need to do more of this now! Foam rolling and massage work can make a big difference. If you need help using a foam roller reply and I can send over a video and some articles I made about this. 

It’s Not a competition! 

If you are going to the gym to beat the person next to you, you will end up injured. 

Listen to your body- 

One great workout is not as important as getting in a series of good workouts. Some days you have to take a step back in order to get long term results. 

Sleep, lifestyle factors, and nutrition – 

Don’t make it harder to recover between sessions by skipping sleep. Nutrition and other lifestyle factors need to be adjusted. We also help with this.

Mindset – 

Focus on what you can do. Stop focusing on what you can not do!

6 week Jump Start Challenge

 Struggling to Lose Weight?

Busy schedule leaving you stressed out? 

Tried a Million diets, but the weight always comes back?

Need an efficient and Fun workout you can do anywhere?

Prepare to have your life changed with our 6 week Habit based Coaching Program. 

Training + Nutrition + Accountability 

Training –

1 on 1 Consultations to design your fitness and nutrition plan specific to your needs(goals, exercise history, injury history, schedule) Train with us OR we design the workouts based on your time , fitness level, and goals Home gym set up for those doing our online coaching Home workouts for off days Realistic Goal setting Technique check-in sessions Accountability check-ins Strength, Cardio for your body type, mobility, and flexibility 

Nutrition – 

We start off with a 1 on 1 Consultation(cal/zoom/in-person) to learn more about you- your goals, what has worked ,not worked. Your favorite foods. Your weaknesses. Your schedule. 

We then get to work creating a flexible diet that will help you reach your fat loss goals-meal plans, grocery list 

Focused on the amount of time you ACTUALLY have to meal prep. 

Flexible Dieting –

No strict requirements about what you can not eat… strict requirements about meal frequency- no need to fast or eat 6 times a day. 

We focus on the core foundational principles around fat loss , and remove the clutter and all the rules that are actually holding you back! 

This is done by me, but it is done together! A major problem with most fitness coaches is they hand out the same boring meal plan to all of their clients. The client loses some weight, then puts it right back on. The Coach blames you for not having enough discipline! Their plan was destined to fail, because it was not YOUR plan! 

The power is in the Accountability !!!!

Are you the person who says “I know what do. I just don’t do it”   If so, you need this! 

Email [email protected] or text 6 week challenge to 757 589 7028 to get all of the details. Limited spots for this challenge with all of the individual attention we provide.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach Owner, Results Performance Training

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