Do you ever feel tired, fatigued or drained throughout the day?

Managing your energy and focus is very important to your overall vitality, happiness and exercise results. Let’s break down some of the most effective ways you can improve energy and reduce stress.

9 Tips for Improved Energy and Stress Reduction

  1. Reduce screen time 
    You just checked the news 5 minutes ago and it has not changed. Although reducing screen time is a huge challenge, you will find much more energy when you are not constantly checking emails, phones, news, and mindlessly scrolling.
  2. Engage in Consistent Exercise
    A consistent exercise routine will improve your energy levels! It’s one of the first things members notice when they startup! I know time is tight. You do NOT need long boring workouts.
  3. Monitor Exercise Intensity and Volume
    If you are starting up, gradually build up. If you are experienced and love to work out, try not to go overboard! Remember – you need to recover from your sessions to see the benefits and you need to avoid injury.
  4. Regulate Caffeine Intake
    It’s okay to have that cup of coffee but be smart about dosage – you don’t need 5 or 6 cups.  ????
  5. Sleep and Recharge
    Sleep is extremely important to recharge and reset! Your day does not end with sleep. Your day and all the energy you have starts with how well you slept.
  6. Prioritize Healthy, Wholesome Foods
    Eat a healthy balanced diet – I am not a fan of eliminating macronutrients or entire food groups. A balanced diet will help you get all of the required micronutrients. This will keep you healthy and improve energy! Remember to drink plenty of water!
  7. Time Management
    Work on your time management and planning skills! Whatever goals and aspirations you have will not happen if you have not blocked out the time for it.
  8. Decision Overload
    This is a real thing – and it could be making you feel more fatigued. Try making important decisions in the morning, when you have more energy. Make some decisions automatically with solid list and routines.
  9. Relaxation and Grounding Techniques
    Meditate, breathe, and go for a walk! This will go a long way to managing stress and preventing burnout. My suggestion would be to try to get outside and go for a walk every day!
I know most of you have very high-stress levels as you take care of families and friends. In order to be effective at taking care of others, you MUST take care of yourself! It is NOT selfish to block out time for YOU!
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