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=>Why traditional gyms fail to get results

=>Exercise tips/random comments

=>Diets and Supplements

=>Youth Sports Performance

=>Active Aging

Gyms that fail people=>

  • Group classes that have so many people it looks like a Beyoncé concert. But they call themselves group personal training?!!…WTFitness is going on?!
  • Places that try to get people who have not worked out in FOREVER to attempt 12 intense workouts in 14 days!
  • Group classes that require so much coordination Janet Jackson could not control her body in them
  • Places that have their members doing some crazy combo exercise like.. do a squat + jump on a box + do a burpee+ overhead press+ lunge+ throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care….WHEN THEY HAVE NOT TAUGHT THEM HOW TO DO ANY OF THESE EXERCISES THE RIGHT WAY!!!!!!!
  • A fitness industry that caters towards people who are already in good shape but their programs don’t work for others
  • Places that don’t provide  modifications for injury
  • Places that start off too intense and just end up injuring people
  • Places that don’t correct technique in their group setting
  • Places that lock people into long term contracts before allowing them to see if its a good fit for them.
  • Places that train people BEFORE knowing anything about their goals?!
  • Places that train people BEFORE knowing anything about their injury history?
  • Places that train people BEFORE knowing anything about their previous exercise history?!
  • Places that don’t take the time to know about your schedule, budget, and concerns BEFORE you start.
  • The commercial gym “sales script” given to new trainers where the goal Is to beat you down mentally, before offering a solution to your problem. The solution cost like a million dollars for 3 times a week one on one training. They know this before training you once?
  • Gyms that serve pizza and tootsie rolls to their members
  • Big box gyms that invest more in their sales team than those on the training floor changing lives!
  • Places that make it seem like you burned 3 million calories in your workout because you ran on a treadmill .
  • Places that will spin “backed by science” claims to make it seem like they discovered something new in the fitness industry after hundreds of years
  • People that can’t workout without looking down at some technology gadget(that’s not accurate) every 5 seconds
  • People who say they worked out for an hour, but spent more time talking in between sets, waiting for equipment, and checking their cell phone
  • Trainers who don’t know how to individualize their motivation based on the individual
  • People who call everything that does not involve a machine crossfit
  • Places that don’t hold members accountable
  • Places that don’t take the time to know about your goals before throwing you into a group
  • Trainers who believe everyone should train like them even though that individual’s goals are not that of the trainer!
  • People who don’t see the VALUE in having a QUALITY trainer step in and CHANGE THEIR LIFE?..and then spend more money and time on things that ruin their life?
  • People that don’t commit because the time is not perfect.
  • People who think they have to get in shape before joining a gym?!
  • Or the hardcore intense gyms that have made people think you have to be in shape before joining a gym ?!
  • People that are so stuck on a name of a program, or one form of training,  vs. seeing that it starts with a quality trainer and coaching. They can make just about any program work!
  • People that don’t take the time to research the fitness industry, qualifications of trainers, etc. before joining a program that is not for them!
  • People whose only research on the person who will take care of their body, is looking at that individuals body
  • People following the intense cardio + no real strength training program which equals=
  • People losing muscle weight and then getting excited even though they are setting themselves up to put the weight back on. Destroying their metabolism
  • People that don’t see the big picture, long term goals, when they follow these fad programs that MIGHT get them short term “results”
  • People confusing sales people with the REAL coaches/trainers who have invested every second of their life to changing others
  • People confusing fitness models with the real coaches and trainers
  • People confusing someone popular jumping around on a DVD as a trainer (accountability and guidance is everything)
  • People who think  the treadmill in the bedroom is going to lead to fat loss, if it’s being used as a hanger for your clothes(accountability)
  • Overnight certified trainers not dedicated to this industry trying to get a quick buck. Yes, they are working with the body! Kind of a big deal!
  • Same old boring workout that leaves you unmotivated
  • Places with so much variety the members never learn how to do anything the right way!
  • People who look at a video of Lebron James working out. Copy it. And then wonder why they are injured ?!
  • Places that charge an arm and a leg and then provide no value
  • People who think they are getting a deal on their gym, but in reality they are just throwing money down the drain because they never go
  • Places selling access to gym equipment  but not even telling their people how to use it

 Exercise Tips/Random=>

  • Places taking someone whose goal is to lose weight, and then having them jump up and down on boxes?!
  • Unsafe ab exercises that mess up your back
  • Not learning how to properly brace and use your abs which will then cause you to mess up your back
  • Our overall obsession with pushing exercises and then forgetting that pulling/rowing/ upper back exercises are more important for most people!
  • Old school Doctors who tell people strength training is unsafe and then tell them to just go run which is destroying them more?!
  • People who think lifting a weight will cause them to bulk up like the incredible hulk
  • People who think they need hours to get in a good workout and then decide to do nothing if they only have 45, 30, or even 20 minutes.
  • People who still see strength training in the 1950s model of “that is just for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and crossfitters”


  • Diets with so many restrictions you can’t follow them long term
  • Naming your diet as if it’s your third child
  • People who think a supplement is going to solve their problem
  • Supplement Companies that take people who got results on other programs, and make it seem like the supplement did the work
  • A supplement industry selling terrible products preying off people looking for a short cut
  • Supplements that are over priced because their marketing is paying out huge commission to trainers and fitness models.  They got results from, wait, you ready for the Secret?! Consistently working hard over time vs making excuses.


  • Parents who don’t know the difference between a genetic freak who played for the Redskins(49ers might be a different story?)  and someone who can actually break down and coach a movement in the weight room! Safely!!
  • Trainers who use the beat down and scream at kids method, compared to building a relationship, and a foundation for life. More than exercise.
  • Doing  “cool” sports specific exercises that are doing nothing at all, but they look cool!
  • Having every kid that walks in the door turn into an Olympic weightlifter! On day one!! Junior just wants to swim faster, without getting hurt! And he’s 9!
  • Having EVERY kid jump on a box, even though no one taught them to land first!
  • Coaches that forget that it’s ok for kids to be…..KIDS and have fun while they are working out!!
  • The “lets just make them sore” method of training vs. actually finding the intensity sweet spot…..actually getting Results!

Active Aging=>

  • Young Trainers that don’t understand some people have a better perspective on life than they do……IT.IS.ABOUT.MORE.THAN.SEEING.YOUR.ABS!!…It’s about seeing their grandkids grow up!
  • Trainers who can’t put themselves in the shoes of others. Maybe getting up and down is the workout for some people? Learn to modify  and don’t have them doing this while jumping up and down a million times. On Session One!!

It’s Not time for a mic drop yet! Part 2 will be on the way soon. If you are interested in finding out more about a “gym” that breaks all of the “rules” then HIT REPLY. Or send over a text to 757 589 7028 with FREE SUCCESS SESSION so we can set up a no charge one on one. We start by understanding more about your goals, budget, schedule, exercise, and injury history. We then place you in the program that is the PERFECT FIT for you!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist