The term coach is getting thrown around way too much nowadays. You cant wake up one day and call yourself a coach. Back in 2003 when I had the title coach I was not a coach yet. It took years before I became a REAL coach. Coach written on your back along with an overnight certification does not make you a coach. Not even a trainer.  Coaches make people better. They change lives. Coaches are not limited to fitness and sports.

I have had tons of coaches. But I have only had a few REAL Coaches.  I remember after I graduated college I had the opportunity to observe/volunteer under the strength and conditioning staff at VCU. I remember Coach Kontos giving me a shot and I will forever be grateful. In 2003 A book smart, highly certified, non experienced, newbie. I kept getting rejected over and over again. The “shy” kid whose teacher told him to not pick a career that required speaking in front of a group. Who was told he was too weak for the team. The new kid on staff that no one wanted to train with.

You see I had multiple jobs, bosses, and “coaches” at that point….but none of them were REAL Coaches. I forgot them all. Not Coach Kontos. When you see passion, energy, work ethic, leadership, and more passion you don’t forget it. Ever.

It will have an impact. Forever. I still remember the stare and conversation when I used the word “try.” Coaches  believe  it’s done before it starts. They make decisions, and force you to do the same thing.

Coaches make the people they coach better. All of them. After every other place failed you, that Is when we get started. The truth is there are 90 million overnight certified “coaches” who can’t coach their way out of a wet paper bag. They use the one size fits all method of training/motivation no matter what your starting point is.  They throw 30 people in a room without knowing anything about their injury history/exercise history/goals.  They are the black eye to the fitness industry.  There are people out there that need their lives changed. There are people out there that need REAL Coaches.

A coach is not going to sugarcoat things and tell you what you want to hear. They are not going to just tell(or sell) you what you want. A coach is hired for one reason. To get results. A coach has your best interest in mind. Long term interest. You might not think so in the middle of certain exercises????. They will tell you what you NEED to hear, in the way YOU need to hear it.

Coaches are coachable! They invest in education and accountability. They see the return of having a coach save them time, money in the long term, and frustration. They get better every single day.

Coaches create a team atmosphere– no one is bigger than the team. Ever. Teams win. Individuals never win. Negative attitudes and those who bring any doubt to the room are removed by REAL coaches.  Believe or leave is my philosophy. We are in this TOGETHER. We make each other better. In some ways, you are my coach.

Coaches see the end goal. More important coaches see the next step. They keep you focused on the next step. Getting you “there” is just the first step. “There” does not really exist. “There” is an ever changing target. “There” is inside of you right now waiting for someone to pull it out of you. A real coach will make you question why you want to get “there.”  Make you fall in love with the process of getting “there.”

Coaches are driven by a strong purpose. They are leaders. Their impact is going to be felt forever. They might coach exercise or a game. But they don’t coach exercise or a game. They make people better. They make communities better.  If you are parent, teacher, leader, whatever, you are coaching. I know my parents, family, and close friends are the best coaches!

Coaches understand each person in the room is motivated by something different. They understand some will need to have their hand held. They know who needs a more aggressive approach. They know that some people might need both styles in the same week! Some of these fake coaches in the fitness industry don’t even take the time to discuss your goals!

Coaches hold you accountable. You are a reflection of their work and reputation. Your results mean more to them than a paycheck. They hold you accountable to getting them! MVP awards, attention,  and press clippings mean nothing to real Coaches. Championships mean everything to them. That is a team award. It requires constant work and communication between the coach and those they coach.

Coaches compete. Coaches Win– in this case they might be teaching you to compete with yourself and become a better version of yourself, each day. Deep down inside they are motivated by winning. Second place does not exist in their vocabulary.  They “Will” their teams to victory.

I am going to give everyone on this newsletter the same thing Coach Kontos gave me..a chance. To be on the Results Performance Training TEAM. To have your life changed. Some of you have lost hope. Some of you don’t trust the fitness industry. I get it. We are different. Now if you are attracted to the ” flashy build it in one night weak foundation centered around lies overnight certified trainer fad gyms”  we are not a good fit for you. We opened in 2011 with a strong foundation…leadership, education, work ethic, mental toughness, focused,  truth, team,  and strong morals. The scrappy TEAM filled with a bunch of underdogs who ALWAYS find a way to block out the “noise.”  To Overcome and WIN!

If you are not INVESTING in a REAL coach you are wasting time and energy. And losing money in the long run. You are losing “life” time and the ability to do all the things that make life worth living. You are not going to wake up one morning and figure this  thing out with no help. If you do you still need accountability. The money I have invested in coaches for business, nutrition, training, everything has created a HUGE RETURN!!

If you need your life changed send an email to info@resultsperformancetraining.com  or text/call 757 589 7028. We can set up your FREE SUCCESS SESSION to know more about you and explain our programs. Fake Coaches are there for a few hours a week. Real Coaches are around FOREVER.