Are you Getting Stronger? + 21 Day JumpStart!

☑️  Are you getting stronger? 

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☑️Are you Getting Stronger?

Here’s a fun fact about fitness.

We’re either getting stronger or we’re not.

The scale might not tell the whole story about how physically healthy we are. After all, there’s lean mass and fat mass … and your scale can’t tell the difference.

But when it comes to the No. 1, tried-and-true way to improve your overall health and longevity, increasing your relative strength is the way to go.

Relative, meaning relative to your body size, age, and other factors.

And for the most part, we don’t get stronger from “working out” or the random workouts you see at a lot of popular places.

We get stronger from training. Training with a purpose and a plan. 

“Working out” is what people do in some of these large-group fitness classes, or programs based on “theory” (instead of science). This often looks like a bunch of random exercises thrown together for easy group consumption (as opposed to individual customization). And people who do this think they’re getting a great workout because it makes them sweaty and exhausted.

I am not saying anything bad about working out because it’s A LOT better than sitting on the couch doing nothing! But if your goal is to get strong you need to be Training with a purpose and a well designed plan. 

“Training” means that your program has been purposefully and intentionally designed in advance to ensure that you’re getting stronger and making progress over a specific period of time. It also means that you’re not doing the same “cookie cutter” workout as everyone else. The program should take into consideration your previous exercise history, injury history, schedule,  and goals. Even your budget and the amount of time should be considered.

We never rely on how exhausted we are or how much fluid has been expelled from our sweat glands to know whether we’re making progress. Instead, we track our sets, reps and weights on our primary lifts, so there’s no gray area or guesswork.

So we know just by looking at our numbers … we’re either getting stronger, or we’re not. This is why the members in our personal and semi- private sessions are seeing fast strength gains! We have a report with all of the weights they are using and notes for everything related to our members. 

And this is the safest (and best) way to get stronger. If you’re getting back into a fitness routine this spring, look for something like this … send me a text to 757 589 7028 with “RPT Strength Training ” so we can explain our programs! 

There are different ways to stimulate changes in our muscle and connective tissues. We can lift heavier weights, lift the same weight for more reps, or manipulate variables like tempo, rest periods, exercise order, and exercise variation.

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 Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach 

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