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☑️ Are you Serious about getting Results? Do this before next week! 

☑️ NEW Beginner Program 

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☑️ Are you Serious about getting Results? Do this BEFORE next week! 

I really appreciate your support by reading our weekly newsletter! But it’s time to take some action! A few ways to start taking steps toward that next level! 

First things first => It will not be easier to start tomorrow, today is the easiest day to start. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Especially if you neglect taking healthy actions today! 

For nutrition you can pick one between now and next week-

Turn in a food log ?

Pick one meal you plan to clean up?

Find a substitute for some junk you are currently eating?

Track what you eating? 

There are a million more of these. Email us at [email protected]  if you need help! 

Goal setting – Set ACTION goals like make 3 sessions over the next week. If you are doing nothing, then say go for a walk 4, 2, even 1 is an improvement. Just get better. Beat this week!  

Get a journal! – Before you start writing down foods and exercises,  write down your limiting thoughts. The “I am too old” or “too out of shape to start”   

Send those limiting thoughts to me. I will acknowledge your challenges. But I am not letting you use that as an excuse. I will help you create a positive self – talk routine. Provide some positive to balance out that negative! 

If you are a current member set a training goal. Maybe it’s the extra push up or pull up ? Doing a lunge? Hex bar?  Or maybe you pick one of these exercises I featured on….

Instagram =>  Results Performance Training and Detric Smith

or Youtube => RPT Youtube

The last one- Go throw out  your diet books or the exercise programs that did not work for you. 

Ask for help and hire a coach. You are not saving time or money going at it alone. 

☑️ NEW Program- Beginner Fitness 

We have created a few NEW programs geared toward those who …

Returning to exercise after a long lay off 

Returning from injury

Completely new to training and/or new to Strength Training 

Prefer our 1 on 1 or Semi-Private(2-5 people per group) Training over our Group Fitness. Or want to use this program to transition into our Group Fitness programs. 

Not interested in Contracts, but our session to session or month to month options.

If this sounds like you, email us [email protected] and we will send over all the details. 

Interested in getting started? Email us at [email protected] or text SPECIAL OFFERS to 757 589 7028 (or call) for more information about our services – 1 on 1 training, semi private 1 trainer for 3-5 people, or our Group Fitness. In person and virtual options. 

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach 

Owner, Results Performance Training

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