Bad for Knees? Shoulders? Back?

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☑️ Bad for knees? Shoulders? Back?

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☑️ Bad for knees? Shoulders? Back?

Is that exercise really bad for your knees? Shoulders? Back?

Some exercises will not agree with you. Below are a few things to consider when it comes to reducing pain while exercising.

Is your technique good? – The best exercise in the world can be the worst exercise in the world if done wrong.

For example, take squats. If done correctly, it is the best movement to strengthen your entire lower body while improving mobility. If done wrong, it can bother your knees and even low back.

To make things even more complicated, everyone has a different body type and abilities. There are a few hard and fast rules when it comes to doing squats the correct way. But there are also a few variations and modifications that depend on your body type, past injuries, and fitness level.

Have a personal trainer take into consideration your fitness level, injury history, and goals to find the right squat for you. Or tell you if it’s not for you.

I might take heat for saying this, but sometimes your doctor who says don’t squat is clueless. About as clueless as me trying to give medical advice. Find the right members on your team, and make sure the right professionals are willing to work together to help you.

Overweight ?

If you have added a few pounds over the years, this might be the reason certain exercises are starting to cause pain. The good news is there is always a modification to keep you going until you are able to do that exercise.

There are no magic exercises. The magic is finding an overall plan that works for you. This includes exercise, lifestyle and nutrition. This is the reason we address all 3 to help you get results.

Too much too soon?

Trying to speed up the process by skipping the fundamentals never works. Trying to do too much too soon always leads to injuries. The number of exercises you can do will increase over time if you have patience. Build a strong foundation, go slower than you think you have to, and NEVER stop.

Should you push through pain?

No! Getting results will require you to get uncomfortable, but know the difference between being uncomfortable and pain. Pushing through pain will lead to being out of commission for a long time.

Results require consistency! We will find the right exercises to keep you safe!

Maybe another area is weak or tight ?

Most of the time the area where you feel pain is not the real problem. Having a personal trainer assess you will make a big difference. That low back issue might be from a lack of hip mobility? Weak and tight posture muscles might be causing that shoulder issue?

Risk vs reward

We help you analyze the risk to the reward of every exercise. We will make you realize that a specific exercise is not the goal. We can help you reach your goals by developing an overall plan with exercises that are right for your body.


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