Before we dive in to the FAQ a few quick notes…..

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Q- What are the top pieces of equipment for a home gym?

A- The good news is you can get a great workout without a ton of equipment. You can even make your workout fun, without having to spend a few thousand on that coat rack. Some of you call that coat rack a treadmill.

Before I start listing equipment I will take into consideration a few things…

You are all individuals with unique needs. So feel free to HIT REPLY with questions. Space you have? Budget? Exercise history? Injuries? Goals? Maybe you enjoy cardio, and don’t like doing strength training? Maybe you don’t even know where to start with strength training.

Top pieces of equipment are ..

Level 1-
Foam Roller

Level 2-
Med balls
Landmine Trainer

Level 3-
any “cardio” machine , if you feel you need it, and you know you will ACTUALLY use it!
sling shot
NT Loops

Level 1 represents lower cost items, that are easy to use. Must have items!

In regards to dumbells I love the powerblocks! They take up less space , compared to a rack of dumbbells. Great as you progress over time. If your budget does not allow for this, pick the right size so you can make progress over time. Any questions, just hit reply!

Level one includes THE best piece of equipment of all time? Your body!

Level 2 represents potentially more expensive, less things you can do with them. In some cases less things to do, after you start making progress. Or less things you can do without having the proper guidance.

I love the TRX! But I realize a lot of people don’t know how to use them. I can teach you!! Easy on the joints and tons of things you can do!

Kettlebells are amazing! I just hate telling people to go buy a rack of KBs without any guidance first.

The landmine trainer is one of my personal favorites. It is not that expensive. So many joint friendly exercises you can do with it! Angled barbell training has been a game changer for me. If you want to know how to set this up without purchasing a landmine just hit reply and we can talk over it! It’s still not a must have , for most people.

Level 3 are either unique and/or you need more guidance. Or they might not be needed, if you know you are not going to use them!!

“cardio machines” – If you end up breaking more of a sweat dusting your cardio machine, than actually using it, reconsider. If you have a coat hanger that you call NordicTrac C500, reconsider. If you hate it, hit reply so we can find a cardio plan that fits your needs. A lot of them don’t work for people with joint issues. It can be useful, but cardio is just getting your heart rate elevated. A gazillion ways to accomplish this.

inertiawave , sling shot, Mark Bell hip circle, and NT Loops. We use these things at the studio and most people will not know what they are. If you use them at RPT then consider picking up a pair, if they help you! Hit Reply and I can guide you!

Did you know that we consult with people to provide a home or gym workout based on the equipment they have? Just hit reply to find our more info. Perfect for those who can not make it to the studio that often, or need an effective home workout! Maybe you don’t need the accountability , but guidance?

Q- What are your thoughts on Keto?

A- Good question! I have only received that one 49 times in the past week! Read my blog post here =>

Q- So I hear you are doing more to help develop personal trainers? Where Can I find this information?

A- I am so happy you asked this question Detric!! You can find that information on my personal blog here => This is where I keep my featured in articles, which can benefit those looking to get in shape. The majority of the information will be for personal trainers getting into this industry. If you know anyone forward this email to them! I will also use my blog to discuss important life topics, such as 49ers football(AKA Winning)!

HOW TO GET STARTED?! – This is not complicated. You have a problem I can solve. I have to know what it is first! So we have to talk about it! You are unique! Don’t worry, I will not turn this into ANOTHER gym sales meeting. If you have been exposed to the person in a suit walking around showing you equipment but offering no solutions, we are NOT like them. We will never turn into the “throw 40 people in a room and call it group personal training” thing either. Here to help, HIT REPLY or text me at 757 589 7028 so we can talk about your individual goals, schedule, budget, exercise history, injury history, and get you started!!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach