Yesterday I went to a college basketball game (Go VCU!) with a good friend. I observed something the players were doing that will guarantee better results with your fitness program. It will improve every aspect of your life. Don’t worry, I will not have you doing box jumps or anything crazy!!

The players took an occasional glance at the scoreboard. I did not see any of the players STARE at the scoreboard. How does this apply to your fitness goals? Most of you are focused on future results. Most of you are living in the past. This does not work! You only have NOW. When you learn to become present, results will improve. Your stress levels will go down!

The best present ever is the ability to be present! I see too many people focused on the past. You can’t change that! You can learn from it. When you learn to become present, your life will improve. About 2 years ago I would have been at the game with my phone getting texts, emails, and alerts from social media. Yesterday, I took a few pics and then turned the phone off. I enjoyed the game WAY more. I was present.

INVEST IN A COACH THAT WILL KEEP YOU FOCUSED! You will get a return on INVESTING IN A GOOD COACH! A good coach will remove all the clutter. A good coach will get you right back on track when you have a bad day.

I have to emphasize GOOD COACH because there are so many fakes out there. I have caught a lot of flack for calling them out.. Oh. Well. My goal is not to be negative. Our goal is to provide hope for those who have given up after working with frauds. Our goal is to become the complete opposite of large gyms. The complete opposite of the large “beat down” group classes.

I am not the “coach” that is just going to say “eat this.” I am not the “coach” that is going to put you in a program that is too intense for you. I will not put you in a program that is NOT a good fit for you! I will not lie to you and say it’s easy. I take the time to dive deeper in to why your last plan failed. I will help you create a plan that you can follow.

At your FREE CONSULTATION we agree on the destination. I will then become your GPS. I am only going to give you one turn at a time. I will keep you focused. Change is hard enough! Do not make it harder by going at this alone.

Give yourself a present! Become Present! The time is always NOW!

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Happy Holidays,

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Coach

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