RPT Gym Updates


***We are currently scheduling our members for group training.

***Groups will be broken into smaller groups and can start back up on Monday, June 14th.
***1 on 1 and semi-private sessions are in full swing. Contact us for details!

Fitness Centers will be able to open with 75% Capacity
– Our 1 on 1 and Semi- private training services will return Friday, June 12th.
– We will continue to offer our virtual and online coaching services during this transition.

Steps to keep you safe :

  1. Participants walk in, have a quick temp check, and wash their hands.
  2. Observe the board to see the equipment that is needed for the day – gather it and take to your designated spot (the floor has tape to designate where you will workout).
    NOTE: We also have dry erase boards with your name on it. Place the dry erase boards next to our equipment that cant be moved from place to place.
  3. Enjoy your workout :)

Additional Notes:

  • We will continue with Virtual Training for those who do not feel comfortable coming back to the studio
  • Groups during phase 1 will be limited to 8 People.
  • We have increased space between dumbell racks
  • We added more sanitizer stations, trash cans, and are keeping doors open when possible for entering
  • Removal of certain forms of equipment from the program design.
  • We plan to schedule in advance using our mindbody app. Directions will be sent over to you.
  • Mandatory hand washing before and after sessions
  • Staff Screened /Temperature Checks before arrival
New Program design for Group Training to prevent multiple people from touching the same equipment.

Ex 1. Exercises with marked spots on the floor to represent at least 10 feet between members.

Ex 2. Equipment such as battle ropes, TRX, and landmine trainers will be spaced and assigned to members.

Ex 3. Kettlebells and Dumbells will be pulled before the session to your designated spot.

Ex 3. Changes to the warm-up to prevent touching walls…Everything has been considered to keep you safe.


Additional Information

  • No touching- high fives, cueing from trainers, etc.
  • Trainers will check you in on the Ipad
  • We will continue our routines such as sanitizing after each session. Professional cleaners, and of course our staff, have increased the frequency of cleaning in all areas of the studio.
  • Schedule will include at least a 15 min gap in between group sessions. We are asking that you enter the room 5 minutes before, not too early.


Mask Information

Masks will be recommended during the period when you enter the room, and leave. or any time you are not within 10 feet. Staff are also required to wear masks during all training activities.

After you have reached your designated area a mask is no longer required.

We will send over pre screening, and have devices for no touch temperature checks at the studio.

Please feel free to bring anything that makes you comfortable- your own mat, gloves, etc. We will have space in the cubbies if you need to bring anything.

Follow advice from your physicians and the CDC. Read this link => https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html


Please email us your answer to the following questions –

Email: info@resultsperformancetraining.com

1. Do you plan to return as soon as we open?

2. Do you have any issues with our mask policy or health condition that prevents you from wearing mask?

3. What is your preferred time of day for training?

Please include your name in the email address.