Candy is everywhere?! Osteoporosis?


☑️ Candy in the house?!

☑️ Prevent Osteoporosis with Strength Training! 

☑️ Help the Williamsburg Community! 

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☑️Candy is everywhere?! 

Is everyone ready for Halloween?! 

This can be a fun time, especially for those who have young children. But it can be hard for those who have a sweet tooth! A few tips to survive without taking in too many calories from candy!

Reduce the amount of time you have the candy in the house! – If possible, get the candy as late as possible. Don’t worry, places will still have candy left! As soon as halloween is over remove the candy out of the house! 

Consider finding a location that donates candy to the troops. If you need assistance with this or even some accountability to remove the candy send us an email! 

Set guidelines for your children and educate them! – 

Make sure you educate your children on eating healthy. Make sure they have a balance. Do not deny them any foods, or else this might end up causing a disorder down the line. Watch portions and limit their intake. 

Halloween is for 2-3 hours, NOT an entire week! 

“But Detric, my children have parties all week!”  Exactly. Your children have parties, not you! Don’t use this as an excuse to go crazy on candy! 

Know your weaknesses and don’t eat because you are bored!

Be honest with yourself. You know if you are eating because you are bored and it’s there. Or if it’s a legit strong craving for candy or any food. Work with a professional to hold you accountable and develop a plan. 

☑️ Prevent Osteoporosis with Strength Training! 

Here is a great article from Harvard Health about how strength training can prevent osteoporosis => Strength Training Builds more than Muscles

Need help getting started with the foundations of strength training ? Reply to this email or text 757 589 7028 to learn more about our services. 

☑️ Help the Williamsburg Community! 

A few ways we are helping the Williamsburg Community! 

We currently have a food drive for Grove Christian Outreach! Check out our IG and FB pages for details. We hope you are able to stop by to drop off items for those in need! Some other things we are currently doing..


=>Featuring local businesses and events on our community board

=>Sponsoring A local WYBL Team 

=>Offering our services for local silent auctions

=>Charity fitness sessions for organizations helping our 

=>Speaking to local organizations about the benefits of fitness! 

=>FREE Books for waiting rooms and locals 


And So much more! Email us at [email protected] if there is a way we can help your organization! 



☑️Can you help by leaving a google review?


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