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☑️ Are you falling into the comparison trap?

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☑️Are you falling into the comparison trap?


Many of us are in the process of rewiring unhealthy habits, but some are so sneaky you might not even notice you’re engaging with them. One of the subtlest obstacles is entirely in your head: the comparison trap.


The comparison trap occurs when you get stuck feeling negative, inferior, or even depressed because you think you don’t measure up to other people’s achievements. In today’s world, we’re constantly surrounded by carefully curated advertising and social media making this feeling of a gap even more prevalent.


When you feed that self-criticism too much, you might doubt your abilities, feel like you can’t achieve your goals, and even experience lower energy levels and less motivation.


But, the comparison trap skews reality. While acknowledging other people’s achievements can be inspirational and help you set goals, take note if you catch yourself regularly getting down on your physique or capabilities. Try taking a step back from those thoughts to appreciate the present moment. Don’t worry about whether you’re on track to becoming a swimsuit model or an Olympic athlete- all you need to do is take the next logical step to a healthier life, whatever that looks like for you.


The thing is, it doesn’t matter what your starting point is, how strong you are, or what your workouts look like. Every one of us has a totally unique journey, in life and in fitness.


One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is your own unconditional support. Be your own cheerleader! Your accomplishments will never look exactly like anyone else’s. That’s part of the beauty of a world filled with diversity. Take your journey step by step and enjoy the path!




☑️ Featured in Muscle and Fitness – Fitness Trends I Can’t Stand?


An honor to be featured in Muscle and Fitness! Check out this article where we discuss fitness trends we wish would go away forever!

7 Fitness Trends that Need to Remain Stranded in 2022  



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