We have decided to temporarily suspend all in studio sessions until further notice. We are going to transition all current members over to our online coaching platform, in addition to offering Zoom Group and personal training sessions.

Please follow our FB page. In most cases, we can update this  page much quicker than our regular site. We have been posting home workouts that require no equipment on our FB page => https://www.facebook.com/Results.Performance.Training/

For those who are not tech-savvy, there is nothing wrong with …

email- info@resultsperformancetraining.com

text or call 757 589 7028

I have already coached some of you over quick phone calls. This works great for those who have been coming for a while. You can tell me what you have access to. I can design the program, and talk you through it. Send it over to you by email. We can set some goals for the week, and find a plan to hold you accountable. It also makes my day to hear your voices, and know that you are doing OK. We are in this together.

For those who are interested in our ZOOM sessions and hangouts make sure you have created a FREE account here => https://zoom.us/    We plan to use this for sessions, or just to get our groups together. If you are not Tech-savvy, we plan to help you figure this out. Right after I figure it out:)

Take care of yourself. Health is more than physical. Mental, social, spiritual, and your environment are important. Get sleep, eat healthy, meditate, get outside, and just move! It does not have to be perfect! Just Move! Find time for yourself! Be optimistic! Watch your thoughts, and limit social media/media.

Coaching is more than what happens at the studio. When things get tough, we will get stronger by coming together! If you just need someone to talk to, I am only a call away. RPT is way more than doing a few squats and spending some time on the battle rope ;)

Some of you have received our free EBook with information on how to set up your home gym + workouts with No, or minimal equipment. If you have not, please send over an email with FREE EBOOK and we can get this over to you! We will continue to provide free fitness tips here, on FB, newsletter, and on the blog portion of our main site => https://resultsperformancetraining.com/latest-news/

We understand that financially this is a tough time for a lot of people, businesses, and organizations that support our community. If you are going through a tough period get in contact with us so we can develop a plan specific to your needs. We hope we can get back to normal soon, but we all have to take this day by day.

If you have friends interested we are packaging our HOME GYM/Bodyweight EBOOK + FIT FOR LIFE BOOK + ONLINE/VIRTUAL COACHING JUMP START program together. No need for current members to donate/purchase since you will get all this…..Just spread the word!!

We are accepting donations for RPT, OR a 50/50 split for RPT + another local small business/organization that serves our Williamsburg Community. We can donate to them, or purchase gift cards for you. Just specify when you email info@resultsperformancetraining.com

Click link below to DONATE=>

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If you have a friends who just needs a pick me up during a stressful time, we can get this over to them for no charge.

Appreciate your support,

Detric Smith