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✔More Exercises that I am not a Fan of

✔Safety in Youth Training

✔Picking the correct Trainer or Therapist?

✔Running(or any sport) and injuries

Upright Rows for shoulders(Not Worth doing)=> Not a fan of upright rows based off what I have seen (and felt) over the years.  If you are not familiar with this exercise below is a quick pic and explanation from a physical therapist I respect=>


You can do 90 million different exercises to get the same benefit without the risk. It’s time to bury this one!

More ways to MESS UP YOUR SHOULDERS=>  The kipping pull-ups you see crossfit people doing are worthless and a great way to mess up your shoulder. Pressing and pulling behind the neck is never a good choice. Too much pushing without enough rowing. Doing a rowing machine with terrible technique! The Barbell Bench Press is overrated(not always bad) but tradition will not allow this to go away. Dumbells are much better, and safer.  Machines for pushing are overrated because they force an unnatural path.

Kettlebell Swings(Depends on Technique/Experience level)– This can be one of the best exercises ever. It can also be one of the worst exercises ever. Perfectly safe if taught the right way, in the right setting, AFTER plenty of lead up exercises. If you like your back please do not google “Jillian Michaels kettlebell swing” technique !!

Jumping/Plyometrics(Goals/Risk vs. Reward)– What are you trying to accomplish? Fat loss or getting a volleyball scholarship?  If you have more than a few pounds to lose and/or a previous lower body injury then remove it! I have about 1% of our members doing something like a box jump. They are all youth athletes. I have already spent time building a foundation and teaching them to land.  A jumping jack can be dangerous for some people which is why we have so many modifications.

Choosing an expert ?=> DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

Physical therapist…..the difference between a good one and a bad one is like the driving from Virginia to Walley World ( an amusement park in California). The difference between a good personal trainer and a bad personal trainer is like driving from Virginia to Australia. I say this because as least the Therapist have to go to college and have a better system for development in place. They can’t take an online test and wake up the next day and call themselves a Therapist! If you think they are ALL good at their craft then think again.

Personal  trainers have  49 million test to choose from with about 48 million of them being online. Most lack the hands on portion which is KIND OF IMPORTANT! There is a need for QUALITY trainers! Sadly, the overnight pop up fad gyms only care about taking your money. They will flood their gyms with these overnight certified trainers. They also know half of you will not take the time to DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

I say all this to simply say…..DO YOUR RESEARCH! If you worked with a bad one in the past, don’t put us all in the same boat. Look for those who have college degrees in Kinesiology and experience.  Look for top certifications from organizations like the American College of Sports Medicine and National Strength and Conditioning Association.  Research organizations like ACE, NASM, etc.( etc. can not be used here because it will take you 5 years to research all of them)

So once again….DO YOUR RESEARCH! If your research is  “they have 6 pack abs”  then I will say a little prayer for you! Research what a “Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist” (NSCA) is if you plan to have your children work with a sports performance coach. Research college degrees your trainers have attained.

All I want you to do for me is, put some …..



S– Skill set





…on our profession. JUST A LITTLE BIT!

Runners!!…..I love you guys. I really do. But Do you realize how much pounding that is on your joints? I am in no way bashing running. I am asking you to treat running like a sport,  not a required fitness activity.   Do not go out and run  20 miles a day for 10 years and then blame your knee injury on the one time you did a squat!  Do not say “running makes my lower body stronger” unless you are a sprinter.   Let me repeat. There is nothing wrong with being a runner!!!

Please do not act like running is a superior form of exercise for weight loss. It is not. If you plan on having a long career with running you better do strength training to prevent injuries. If you are a runner don’t use the “go out and run 5 miles your first time out” plan.  If your goal is to lose weight and a “professional” says running is required, run away from them. If a “professional”  invented a way to burn  90 million calories AFTER running on a treadmill,  sprint away from them. The Professional baseball pitcher was not injured the first time they threw a baseball. They were injured because they threw that baseball over and over again, for years…..It’s called an overuse injury!!

YOUTH TRAINING => Speaking of professional athletes, your middle school child is not one!! We have youth athletes logging more hours before the age of  14 than  some professionals! What do you think is going to happen to junior ?! Hire a quality sports performance coach (pick me! ) to help prevent injuries!!

Do not throw them in a room with 49 million other kids under the “supervision” of a former professional athlete. Just because someone played a sport does not mean they understand how the body works! Do not cut and paste “The Tom Brady at 41 years old workout” and hand it off to your 14 year old.   Please don’t say.. “this crossfit thing looks cool.  It must work since our coach approves it! It must be great since there are 200 other kids in the room!”

So are you ready to DO YOUR RESEARCH?! If so HIT REPLY or text/call 757 589 7028 for a FREE ONE ON ONE SUCCESS SESSION. We are for those educated enough to do their research. We are for those ready to be held accountable. We are for those ready to get RESULTS!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist


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