Doing too much destroyed my progress ? + 6 week challange

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☑️ Doing too much destroyed my progress ?

☑️ 6 week Jump Start Challenge

Doing too much destroyed my progress?

I am guilty. I tell my clients to find that balance between training and recovery. Yet, I often fail to find it myself. 

Doing too much can slow down progress. A few tips on how to find the right balance….

I can not go too in-depth with a newsletter. This is just part of what I go over in our 6 week challenge . A challenge that will help you build a fitness and nutrition foundation for life. 

 We are all different. We all change over time. 

 Months away from 40 with the demands of owning a business is not the same as 20 years ago. Lifting with high intensity 5 to 6 days along with tons of other activities used to work. Then it stopped. 

I am not saying it’s age, but your life changes as you age. More stress from the demands of life will affect recovery. Wear and tear on your body and joints is normal over the years. 

Keep moving in order to keep moving, but now you also have to work smart. Some of you might be coming off a training  layoff, beat up joints, high stress with work and family obligations. You need someone who can develop a plan specific to your needs. Taking a popular workout from a magazine or influencer is not going to work. 

What is your current fitness level?

 No experience — If you are sitting on the couch doing nothing , this article does not apply to you. You need more movement!  Just move consistently! Start with going for walks to develop the habit of exercising. 

Just starting — If you just started a program, then ease into it . Doing too much too soon will always backfire. 

A few months in but hit a plateau?-  This is where we have to have a solid plan. Hiring a coach is a major benefit. Most people just end up doing more of the wrong things, or focus on what they are already good at. This will not work. 

Advanced – If you are advanced with very specific training goals, then this can get very complicated. It will involve periodization, back off weeks, deloads, and planning out workouts well in advance. This represents a smaller percentage of my audience so I will not spend too much time here. But if you have questions send them over!

Improve recovery 

Most  people only look at what they do in the gym and this is a big mistake. Improving sleep, nutrition and stress will allow you to train harder and recover. 

Adding  activities like walking, foam rolling, stretching , and  mobility work will allow you to train more often. 

Not factoring in life stressors 

You recover slower when stress is extremely high. I work with people to find the right types of cardio, strength, and overall plan based on their current lifestyle. 

What does nutrition look like?- 

 Restricting calories too much while drastically increasing activity will backfire unless it is planned out over time. 

Your nutrition plan needs to fuel activity. You need to create a slight deficit in order to  lose fat, not muscle.  Taking calories too low will slow down your metabolism and set you up to regain the weight you lost. 

How to add more without it backfiring?

 Doing too much of one form of exercise hurts. For example, if you are doing 3-4 days of strength already, then the extra 1-2 days will not give you a big return. More and more cardio will not give you a big return if you are already doing a lot. 

If you want to do extra strength training workouts, focus on muscle groups that recover faster. This is something we go over in our 6 week transformation program for those who are highly motivated to speed up results.

Have any questions? Send them over! If you need a specific plan, consider the 6 week challenge !

6 week challenge 

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