Don't make New Year's resolutions,
Make Life Resolutions

☑️ Don’t make New Year’s resolutions, make life resolutions
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☑️Don’t make New Year’s resolutions, make life resolutions

New Year’s Day brings an annual surge of well-intentioned resolutions. Everyone wants to make big changes and achieve even bigger results. So why do so many resolutions eventually fizzle out?

The thing is, just setting a goal isn’t enough- it’s about how you create and implement it. Goals need to make sense in the context of your entire life, not just a brief and unrealistic burst of inspiration.

This is why I prefer to make life resolutions instead. New changes are only meaningful when they translate into life habits. So, here are my tips for truly effective resolutions:

Create realistic expectations. If you aren’t sure what a realistic expectation looks like, talk to a trainer or do some research. You aren’t going to lose 20 lbs in a month or go from sedentary to 2-hour workouts. That’s a recipe for burnout.

Would you rather push yourself so hard that you burn out (or get injured) and lose momentum entirely, or take a moderate yet consistent approach so that you’re still continually improving six months or a year later?

Find your “why”. What’s the deeper goal? Fitness is more than just a hobby or a means to look good. Fitness literally gives you more time, energy, and health so you can get the most out of life.

Focus on quality movement and nutrition practices, rather than just dropping a clothing size. If you have a powerful “why”, you’ll be more motivated to stay on track.

Prioritize frequency and consistency. Don’t fixate so much on the end result. Rather than trying to drop weight as fast as possible, commit to a reasonable calorie reduction 6 days a week. Focus on working out for a specific amount of time a set number of times a week before you jump to sign up for the next half-marathon.

Habits are built brick by brick, through small, daily actions. If you try to imagine building an entire house at once, it’ll feel impossible and overwhelming. Start by laying the bricks.

Be flexible and creative. Think outside the box and look beyond your normal routine. If you need a more engaging or social workout to stay on track, try different group classes. If eating healthy is a challenge, ask friends and family for support, or hunt down some inspiring recipes. Make your goals work for you!

Discipline over motivation. It’s normal to feel unmotivated after your initial burst of excitement about your new goal blows over. After a long day, it’ll be tempting to turn back to your old habits for comfort. That’s ok- be ready to put in the effort anyway! The moment you choose to go for it anyway is the moment you really start to cement that new habit.

I hope these tips will support you in building meaningful change that lasts through all of 2023 and beyond. Remember to have fun! I’ll see you next year…

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