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☑️ The top ultra-simple healthy habits you might be overlooking

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☑️The top ultra-simple healthy habits you might be overlooking


We often fixate on big healthy changes, like hard workouts or quitting junk food. These are definitely important, but building your fitness encompasses a whole slew of small changes that add up to the bigger picture, like a jigsaw puzzle.


Overlooking some of these details can actually hinder your recovery, energy levels, and overall health. Luckily, these tips and tricks are incredibly easy to implement and are guaranteed to up your game.



Sleep. That’s right, we’re telling you to spend more time laying down! Good sleep is critical for muscle recovery and health. Most people need an average of 8 hours a night to be at 100%. Avoid over or under-sleeping.


You won’t have a perfect sleep schedule every day, but try prioritizing it. If you can stick to a consistent bedtime, even better. If you have trouble falling asleep, try avoiding screens a couple of hours before bed and take some time to unwind from the stress of the day.




Drink water. Men should be drinking about 3.7 liters a day, 2.7 liters for women! Hydration protects your joints and muscles, boosts energy levels, and even decreases pain and inflammation. Set reminders to drink water, and keep a large water bottle nearby. 



Soak up some sunshine. You’re like a plant with more complicated feelings. Sunlight boosts serotonin, which affects your mood. It’s also how humans get vitamin D, which supports your immune system. It even regulates your sleep cycles!


Morning is the best time to get your daily dose of sun, so if you can, go for a 20-minute walk or enjoy your coffee outside.



Eat protein. Diet fads may come and go, but one fact remains eternal: eating enough protein helps build and retain muscle mass. Try for about 0.6-.8g per pound of body weight. Or, eyeball it! Just make sure to have a full serving of protein with every meal, and choose more protein-rich snacks. The more active you are, the more you’re likely to need. Plus, it helps keep you full and energized.



Move frequently. If you spend a lot of time sitting, set a timer to move for 5 minutes every hour- stretch, walk, jump around to your favorite song, whatever works! You don’t need to be working out hard every time you move to keep your muscles active and mobilized. This is especially important if you’re noticing back pain and tight hips have been sneaking up on you.



Try sneaking in some extra walking or fun physical activities. Hiking, dancing, biking around a fun neighborhood or playing a friendly game are all great ways to socialize and relax while staying active.



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