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☑️Benefits Of A Dynamic Warm-Up

In general, most people know that they should begin their workout with a warm-up that includes various forms of stretching. However, they tend to be overlooked to save time or because of a need for more awareness concerning their importance. But how beneficial is a Dynamic warm-up?

Warming up is extremely beneficial for everyone; it aims to reduce the risk of injury and often leads to better performances. An easy way to ensure that you don’t skip your warm-ups is to combine two different activities into a fluid dynamic warm-up exercise.

What Is A Dynamic Warm-Up?

A dynamic warm-up, in simplistic terms, is a collection of movements that occur before one begins physical exercise or activity. It helps to increase blood flow to your muscles, improves your mobility, and prepares the body for physical activities. 

However, a dynamic warm-up doesn’t involve a set of jumping jacks or running on the treadmill for five minutes, followed by a quick hamstring stretch. They are a little more detailed than that. 

Static vs. Dynamic Stretching

There are a few significant differences that exist between static stretching and dynamic stretching. While each of them serves a purpose, before a workout, dynamic stretching is the better choice, but why?

Static stretching involves holding a stretch for an extended period, typically around 30 seconds. This is great for increasing the overall range of motion on the muscle and plays a part in reducing muscle tension. This particular kind of stretching is best performed at the end of a workout and not beforehand. 

Whereas, if you want to ensure that your muscles are ready for a workout and decrease the chance of picking up an injury, you’ll want to include a dynamic warm-up and stretch before you begin your session. 

A Dynamic Warm-Up

A dynamic warm-up should always be done before you begin your workout or activity. Dynamic warm-ups should be completed with slow intensity; as we already mentioned, the primary purpose of a dynamic warm-up is to increase blood flow to your muscles and prepare the body for activity. 

You want to avoid overstretching in this scenario. So, allow your body to warm up slowly by working through the range of motion, and only holding each of the stretches for around 3 to 5 seconds. This will allow muscles to generate heat and prepare them for physical movement. 

A typical dynamic warm-up should last around 10 minutes. This gives the muscles the right amount of time to prepare themselves for movement. Slowly build up, activity by activity, and end with the most explosive warm-up exercises. 

When engaging yourself in a proper dynamic warm-up, you should aim to focus on full-body movement, which involves numerous muscle groups at once. It should also be in line with the particular activity you’re preparing for, so only some dynamic warm-ups you see online will apply to you. 

How Does It Prevent Injury?

Around a third of all people who participate in exercise may end up with an injury, yet, the CDC has estimated that more than half of all injuries are preventable. Dynamic warm-ups can significantly decrease your risk of injury during your workouts and activities, as when done correctly, they prepare the whole body for physical exercise. 

It will heat your internal body and muscle temperature, get your heart rate up to a level sufficient for exercise, increase oxygenation and help you obtain optimal muscle length before your training. 


Dynamic warm-ups are an excellent way to prevent injuries and should always be performed at the beginning of a session. This will build up focus for the session ahead and increase your overall performance, resulting in a better workout. 

☑️ Exercise Reduces Stress!

Yes, another benefit of exercise! It’s about way more than losing a few pounds of fat. Check out this great article from Harvard Health about how exercise helps reduce stress! =>  How does Exercise Reduce Stress?

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