Eat the carbs! + Fitness Myths

Today we will talk about …..

☑️Carbs are not bad 

☑️Other Fitness myths 

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You can eat carbs! – If that is your choice to completely remove carbs from your diet, go for it. But I have no plans on doing it. 

You will  not get better LONG TERM fat loss results from removing carbs. The studies prove this. Your health will not be better than someone who eats high quality carbs. 

Does it work for some people? yes. Does removing junk or excess calories in any form work? yes. 

There are good carbs. There are bad carbs. Just like we have good fat and bad fat. Good sources of protein , and bad sources of protein.

Fruit is not bad for you. Veggies are not bad for you. Bread, as long as you don’t eat too much, is not bad for you. The fiber and nutrients from quality carbs are good for you. There is a difference between cotton candy  and fruits. 

Can you benefit from reducing  calories from carbs? Yes. But do not think that removing all of them makes you healthier or in a better position to lose fat, and keep it off. 

So here is the article of the week that gives you permission to eat carbs. The good carbs :) => Carb Controversy

Fitness myths and your questions ? 

When I talk to people, I realize so many fitness myths are still hanging around.

People think spot reduction is still possible. Sorry, but doing a million crunches will not help you lose belly fat . Your diet and overall exercise program will. 

Women will not get bulky from lifting heavy weights. 

Higher reps will not tone you up.

There are a million more. I want you to ask me questions. Do not assume. No such thing as a stupid question. Send them to me! 

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