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☑️My opinion on the Whole 30 diet

☑️My experience training around injuries, and training those who are injured?

☑️A question about super bowl predictions?

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Q- What is your opinion on the Whole 30 diet? 

A- It is OK, similar to the other 30 million diets out there. It’s not as good as this new plan I invented. I call it ….

The Whole 365 lifestyle change– How to stop following diets, lose weight, and make progress every day of the year. It will teach you how to stop hopping around from diet to diet. Tired of losing weight, just to put it back on? This plan is for you! It will allow you to lose weight without all of the crazy rules, while enjoying day to day life. I teach this plan through my Precision Nutrition Certification here =>

Whole 30 is a good plan, but there is one problem. Can you follow it? Not for 30 days, but for life? Diet is like exercise. There are levels to this. Skip a level and fail to build a foundation, go right back to the start. Someone eating fast food, drinking sodas, or regularly consuming high calorie foods does not need a complete overhaul. They need to change one of those things. After they change one of those things, focus on the next thing.

These diets set you up to feel like a bad person, when you “cheat” on their plan. You will then go from eating “perfect” to going completely off the plan. They have to make it seem like they invented something that no else figured out. They did not. None of them are special.

We have to get you into a caloric deficit. Most of you need some structure and a plan. Too structured, without consideration for your INDIVIDUAL needs = you will never be able to follow it, long term. The person, who took a gradual approach, will lose more weight over time.

Check out the transformations on our site =>

None of them are following plans that are too extreme. They focused on one or two changes, mastered them, and then moved on to the next. None of them “started on Monday” or waited until things are “perfect” in their life. This is the reason they were able to stay on their plan. They understand it’s a process, with ups and downs. They realize having accountability and guidance can make just about any plan work.

Q- Have you ever had to train around injuries? If so, how did you approach this?

A- I have had a few minor injuries to train around, shoulder and low back. Fortunate to not have any serious injuries. A few things that help me…..

Realizing that most injuries don’t happen when you feel them – Most injuries happen over time. Have you been running the past 20 years? Maybe it’s the pounding on the joints over and over again! Were you Mr. Bench press for 30 years, while never doing upper back exercises? If so, there is a good chance your shoulder is going to hurt. Doing nothing or sitting down all day? If so, your chance of relying on meds and getting low back injuries will be higher.

The problem is not the problem – Do you sit down at your desk all day? If so, your hip flexors get tight. Lose hip mobility, better chance your low back gets hurt. Have knee issues? You might lack ankle mobility.

☑️Let us do a no charge assessment to see if we can find the real issue.

Ego Lifting – I had this issue in my 20s. I would walk in the gym like I was in the movie Gladiator.  If you are lifting too much weight, to prove something, stop it. I will call you out In the group setting if you are this person. Go slower than you think you have to, in order to build a foundation. There are so many places promoting “beat down” workouts that set their members up for failure. You have to work smart, in order to work hard.

Not getting attached to certain exercises or equipment, but focusing on goals – If you are not a powerlifter then you don’t need to use a barbell. It is a great tool. It is not for everyone.  If you are not training for a high jump competition, then maybe you don’t need to do a million box jumps. Too many places are turning exercise into a competition. I am not saying anything bad about these places. Most of the time, for most people, it does not work out well. The best exercise in the world can be the worst exercise in the world, for the wrong person.

Technique and Bad Program Design – you must have good technique, or you will get hurt. Hire a professional to look over your technique. First, do your research on fitness professionals. There are a lot of overnight certified trainers in our industry. There are a lot of places just trying to make a quick buck.  They should be able to design a program for YOU! Not just sit everyone down on the same exercise machines, or treat everyone the same in their large groups. Group Personal Training is different. You should try it out with our ….

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FREQUENTLY asked Question- Who do you think the 49ers will play in the Super Bowl this year?

A- Honestly, I have not done too much research on the AFC teams.  But you seem to be intelligent enough to figure it out. I will go with whatever you say.

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