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Q- What are your top 6 exercises?

A- This is tough one. Before giving you my answer remember there are no magic exercises. It starts with the individual. The best exercise in the world, can be the worst exercise in the world, depends on the person.

My top 6 exercises are, I am going to change the question. Sorry. I don’t want someone with an injury that I have never talked to, doing an exercise because “Detric said it was THE KEY to fat loss”

I program off of movements, not muscles. I work with busy professionals, and 200% of them have no goal of becoming bodybuilders. By programming movements it allows them to save time and get more of a benefit from their strength training. So the top movements are





Hip Hinge


The push takes care of chest, shoulders, and triceps. The pull takes care of the back and biceps. The squat hits the entire lower body. The hip hinge will emphasize the butt and hamstrings. The lunge will also hammer the lower body, and improve balance. The Carry is a term I might have to explain. Let me keep it simple since most of you are NOT trying become trainers. Carry represents “the core” to the majority of you reading this. Later, I will go in to terms that have been abused by the fitness industry. But I think most of you “understand” those terms.

For “core” I teach people how to brace. A method that allows them to treat the body as one piece and prevent back injuries. Most people don’t get this. And most trainers don’t do a good job of teaching this. We limit the amount of spinal flexion ab exercises, and focus on anti-rotational “core” exercises. Sadly, most people just care about what they feel. Why some of these trainers and places can get away with doing anything to people. Some exercises are what I call “feel” isolation exercises, others (which are GREAT, often MUCH better) teach your body to work as one piece! You need both in your routine. It has to be programmed well.

Every program I write starts with those movement patterns.  After a quick assessment I can find the right fit based on their goals, exercise history, and injury history. I will then change angles for variety, and to prevent overuse injuries. I set up a progression scheme that is specific to them. I can fill in isolation and accessory exercises after I program the major movements. I will then throw in “the fun stuff.”  Most people obsess over “the burn” and miss out on the exercises that get results. Chain gyms that pop up overnight are selling what you can feel. I am going to give you what gets results, while taking into consideration your LONG TERM goals/health.

I can take someone in 2 to 4 personal training sessions and teach them the fundamentals of programming, technique, and modifications based on their needs. Just HIT REPLY if you are interested.

Q- What do you think about detoxes? skinny Teas? Butter in your coffee?

SPECIAL NOTE – I have to be honest and say I added that last part about butter in your coffee because I want to address it sooo bad. And now to my …..

A- None of it works. If your goal is to lose fat, get in to a caloric deficit. If you can’t do it for the rest of your life, probably a good idea not to start it in the first place. A good detox is eating healthy. It’s not easy, but it’s not as complicated as people make it seem. I am tired of people cherry picking these studies and trying to get people to put butter in their coffee. And If you somehow got results while putting butter in their coffee, the other stuff they did put them in to a caloric deficit.

People love names!!  I admit, I am guilty of this also. If I give people some common sense advice, they look at me wanting more. And then do nothing. But attach a name to it, and they rally around anything and everything. Either way, do your research. A lot, but not too much, because the basics work. You know what works. You probably just need someone like myself to hold you accountable. Who is also going to call out the money hungry fake fit pros ruining our industry. Stop making them rich and popular. Do REAL research!!


Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1

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