A lot of people have asked for more details on the fitness makeover. So today I will share a story with you, about Wayne (made up name to protect the innocent). Wayne participated in our Fitness makeover program and saw great results. This is a 3 for 1, one on one, personal training+program design special (65.99 /no contract) we are currently running geared towards those who fall under one of these categories…

=> You have a crazy schedule, access to some basic equipment at your house/ gym, can’t make our sessions, and need some guidance and the occasional check-in. 

=>You are intimidated by the group setting and want to use a onetime one on one session (no contract) to help you transition into either our semi private or group sessions. We will tell you if you are ready and the modifications you will need to make in the group. 

=> You want to feel the difference when it comes to working with a REAL trainer with experience.  We are Not the overnight certified trainers or group class instructors flooding our industry who use this philosophy==>pull an exercise out of a hat  for no reason and lets just make it intense and cool so the only people who survive (without getting results) are those who already “know” how to work out

=> You need the occasional personal training session without having to pay for a gym membership on top of it

This is only for those who see the value in having a professional coach hold them accountable. If you think all trainers and group classes are the same, while failing to do your research, it’s not a good fit. If you are the type that celebrates moral victories like making it through a “beat down session” while not getting results we are not for you.  If you value education and have an open mind we are for you.  And now the story about Wayne……

Wayne thought about it a lot before taking action. He had a bad experience with his previous gyms. Wayne was a little hesitant when it came to signing a contract with another gym he would not use. He was also a little hesitant in joining because he thought group training was unsafe. Wayne eventually took me up on the free consultation. I convinced him that you miss 100% of the shots you never take. There comes a time when you just have to do, what you have to do. Finally, Wayne was ready for a fitness makeover. Here is what we did with Wayne. I am also going share a few of his questions and concerns along the way.

We of course started off with a one on one consultation before Wayne would have to make a decision. He was 58. He had some issues with low back pain. He had very little experience with strength training. The last time he worked out consistently was decades ago. He played a little bit of hockey with his friend Garth growing up. Every once in a while he would work out with his friend Dave. After reviewing his injuries, exercise history, and nutrition habits I realized the time he spent with Dave resulted in a lot of bad habits.

Wayne—Am I going to have to change up my entire routine? 

Detric—This. is. not. an. option. Wayne. If you don’t change things quick we have a problem. With your current routine you are going to run into some serious issues with injuries. Not to mention never getting results. Here is what I plan to do with you…

I am going to take the information you gave me at this free consultation and set you up with a one time, one on one session. . No contract. I don’t plan to sell you some huge package of sessions like these other places. I think it’s unethical to tell you exactly what you need if I have not had a chance to work with you yet! You might even save a lot of money by going into our semi private or group sessions. You are ready for it now because of the way we do things here at RPT. Right now you are thinking we are like those recent fad gyms throwing 30 people in a room without knowing anything about them first. Right now you are thinking we are only for “advanced” people.  We are for educated people who can see through the BS in our industry and need their life changed. We turned the group class into group personal training back in 2011. You are getting ready to have your life changed Wayne.  The first session we are going to focus on ……

  • the big 6- foundational movement patterns that will make or break any routine 
  • assessment of technique
  • assessment of body composition (not required)
  • exercises you should NEVER do based on your injuries
  • how to switch up your boring routine and add more variety, safely!
  • if bad technique I will tell you if it’s because you lack strength or if its mobility/flexibility 
  • exercises based on equipment you have access to
  • very specific to your goals
  • best way to start off slow and build a foundation so you don’t get hurt 
  • general guidelines for program design

I then plan to follow up with an assessment of the onetime session by email. It will leave you with tips you can use for a lifetime. A sample home workout/template based on the equipment you have access to. It will also include an assessment on if you would fit well into our semi private or group training. This package also comes with trial session offers for our groups if you decide to go that route. Some people have us take them through the group session, with no one else in the room, so you have confidence if you plan to start! 

Wayne- Why are you willing to give me all of this individualized attention? Basically 3 sessions for one? Seems too good to be true?

Detric – Wayne. There are a lot of gyms out there. We are the only one FOR YOU!  You are going to walk into that big gym and get lost. You are going to get bored and stop because you will resort to doing the same routine each time. You are just going to end up donating your money to that place. The only things you feel confident doing there are not going to get you results. It’s time you give up on the “I can do it myself” because it’s obviously not working.  And those workouts you did with Dave at the new “beat down Gym” are just going to leave you injured, at some point. We know you don’t feel comfortable there.  It might work for Dave but it’s not for you. They failed you by having you do the same thing as everyone else in the room when you have not worked out consistently in a decade and have injuries. When the excitement period ends it’s still going to come down to leadership, accountability, education, and being able to put in the work over time. It is a lifestyle Wayne. ….Wayne, I got you buddy. Just follow my lead. I am not going to let you fail. I am not going to tell you what you want to hear just to take your money. I will change your life

In regards to diet Wayne had a thing for sweets. I looked over his food log for no extra charge to give him some tips. A few small changes would make a big difference for Wayne.  No extreme diets to follow. Without thinking he would eat candy at work. Like a lollipop, here and there. He had some bad habits we had to address like the occasional Coke with lunch and putting syrup on everything. He thought he had to make a million changes but that was not the case. Wayne enjoyed gardening and already did a great job of eating green veggies. We added a little protein, increased water intake, and reduced alcohol. Nothing Crazy or hard to follow. His wife had a crazy schedule as a police officer but we were still able to incorporate date nights.

Wayne- Excellent! I am so worthy of your advice Detric! It’s like a different world here at RPT. Excellent! I will be in touch soon! 

Detric- I appreciate you taking the time to give me a shot Wayne! I know you will stick to your plan this time.  Let’s go back and forth and don’t hesitate to tell me how I can help. You know you can text me at 757 589 7028 with any questions. I am only an email away if you have any questions. Even if you are not a member I am here to assist you. The little things are the big things Wayne. Remember that. Thanks for your hard work!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist


==>P.S- If personal training is not your thing and you are interested in our group personal training or semi-private setting hit reply and we can schedule your free consultation and trial session. Feel free to text 757 589 7028 for a 5 minute call/overview of each program.