Fitness tracker accurate? + Terrible fitness advice ?!

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☑️ Most fitness advice fails because….

☑️ Is your Fitness Tracker off? 

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☑️ Most fitness advice fails because ?

In most areas of life, copying success is the quickest way to reach your goals. This is not always the case with fitness.

A lot of high level fitness models and athletes have great advice, but it probably does not apply to you. I am writing this for the busy professional who does not have 3 hours per day to train. The person who just wants to get in-shape and have the time for other areas of life.

Copying their work ethic , consistency, and determination can be a good thing. But following their fitness advice does not work in most cases.

Your goals are different – There is a big difference between trying to reach a high level performance/body composition goal and just trying to get in-shape.  

Going from out of shape to in-shape does not require strict diets, box jumps,  body part splits, and supplements. It requires mastering the basics and becoming consistent with….

Going for walks, moving more 

Full body strength training  2-3 times per week. Focusing on the basics

Cutting out junk foods, NOT carbs or entire food groups 

Implementing a few Mobility and flexibility exercises

Drinking more water

Doing Cardio that fits your body type. Keep it fun. 

Managing stress, getting sleep, and addressing mental health 

Your lifestyle is different –   You probably have to worry about a lot more, with less resources. This does not give you an excuse to wait until the time is right.

Do what you can do, with what you have. Getting in shape does not require a lot of time.  But you have to get started NOW!

Your experience level is different –   They have spent a lot of time mastering the boring basics,  Building a foundation. This comes before any of the fancy exercises or advanced techniques you see.  You do not need to devote an entire day to arms ,or obsess over meal timing. 

If you need a jump start, email us [email protected] or text me at 757 589 7028. It can be confusing. We remove the clutter. We keep you focused on developing strong habits. 

☑️ Is your Fitness Tracker off? 

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Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach 

Owner, Results Performance Training

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