Get a Free Fitness Boot Camp Session in Williamsburg

Are you interested in losing fat, boosting your cardiovascular fitness, gaining strength, or improving your flexibility to reduce injury? NSCA Certified instructor Detric Smith is offering you a one-time FREE session of his Fitness Boot Camp.

Pick up the phone and call Detric at (757) 589-7028 or send me an email to sign up for your free session of the Results Performance Training boot camp.

So what exactly does a full Boot Camp program include?

bullet1 We set goals specifically based on your personal needs
bullet1 We monitor your body fat, measurements and weight to track losses
bullet1 We can answer your questions in person, by phone and email
bullet1 Support and motivation from your training coach and your team family
bullet1 Evaluation of your current diet and workout program
bullet1 Strength training plus a cardiovascular health plan to help your heart
bullet1 Diet plan including grocery lists, meal plans, and meal prep plans

Today you will take the first step towards improving your health, appearance, and the quality of your life. Call Detric now at (757) 589-7028 to get scheduled for your free session.

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