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Doing great with the exercise routine but need more help with nutrition ? Getting confused by all of the fad diets/too much info?

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I know the program is THE  BEST out there. Better than weight watchers, NOOM, calories counting apps,  or any of the others 90 million programs. I would not have gone through the certification,  connected with the Precision if I did not truly believe in the program. Those programs do not address the foundations of weight loss! When you master the items we review with our course, you can make any plan work! Precision Nutrition Coaching starts with you! Other programs make it seem like they have found the “magic plan”

 I want our members to experience it for a month to help them jump start their fat loss efforts. It takes more than exercise!

 Why only 20? – Because I am individually coaching you through the program and holding you accountable. I don’t want to take away from you because I am coaching too many members.

What to expect?

This is unlike any other nutrition coaching program you have ever experienced. It is truly addressing habits. Most programs only work while you are on their strict hard to follow programs. You then put the weight back on because they never addressed core items. That, plus you cant follow it! Our members are losing the weight with this program! And keeping it off!!

If you are expecting a strict follow this magic diet plan , this is not for you. We meet you where you are currently at. We then take you to the next step! Eating does not have to be as complicated as you are making it!

How is this different from the previous plans you have offered?

I realized that too many of you were “following” those plans without doing the most important thing. TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE COACHING!!  So many of you were doing the plan word for word…And I DO NOT want you to do that! The perfect plan starts with you! If you are crazy busy or travel a lot this plan is MUCH better! You will be making progress 12 months out of the year vs letting one little thing throw you off for months!

Regular Cost and other Nutrition Coaching options?

With your membership you have access to the no charge food log review + Consultation ! Quite a few of you are not taking advantage of this. Don’t worry about me calling you a bad person because of what you eat! I am here to help! I can not do that if I know nothing about your current eating habits! If you want to take advantage of this send over an email ( or text 757 589 7028

The Precision Nutrition Program is HIGHLY DISCOUNTED for our members (or anyone that goes through me).

Between $50 to $100 per month based on the option you choose. And unlike the $100 to $179 per month option directly through precision, there is no contract!

Think for a second how much some of you spend on supplements that don’t work? Or the time and money you waste hopping around from one diet to the next!

If you are ready to finally get control of your eating habits hit reply! I only want to work with those who are serious about making a change. Those who are ready to change their life ! Because of this I plan to ask a few questions and survey you to see if you are a good fit for this program!