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☑️ More than just muscle: Top benefits of resistance training

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☑️More than just muscle: Top benefits of resistance training 


While the aesthetics of increased muscle definition are a pleasant benefit, resistance training is a key foundation of any well-rounded routine, even if you aren’t looking for a muscular physique. And No, it will NOT make you look bulky! 

What exactly does “resistance training” mean? It’s any exercise where your muscles push or pull against resistance or force. That could come from a barbell, kettlebells, dumbbells, machines, bands, or anything weighted. You’ve probably heard terms like strength training or weight training- those are resistance training, too.

Resistance training is a skill that can be learned like any other, so even if you’re totally new to weights, you’ll be able to learn with the right instruction. Here are some amazing reasons to start a strength routine…


Injury prevention. Strengthening your muscles protects your joints from injuries both in and out of the gym. More strength throughout your range of motion gives you increased control and protection.


Better weight management. Building muscle improves your muscle-to-fat ratio and eventually can increase your basal metabolic rate, leading to more effective and sustainable body composition changes.


Better balance. Strengthening your muscles can improve your stability.


Better posture. Resistance training helps correct muscle imbalances that lead to poor posture. 


Increased bone density. Resistance training actually reduces your risk of osteoporosis by encouraging bone cells into action, literally creating stronger bones!


Improved mental health and stress management- Most people don’t know or think about the mental health benefits of strength training. Strength training will improve your confidence, reduce stress, and change your life! 

Remember, it’s important to utilize a balanced program and ensure you’re performing each exercise correctly- otherwise, resistance training can be less effective or even put you at risk for injury. If you aren’t sure how to begin, it’s always a good idea to consult with a qualified personal trainer. Stay safe, enjoy the journey, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help understanding the basics of strength training. 



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