healthy role model for kids? Endurance or Strength?

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☑️ Should I train for muscular endurance? strength? muscle building? 

☑️Become a healthy role model for your kids

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Are you a healthy role model for your kids?

Are you a healthy role model for your kids?

If you want your kids to be healthy you must lead by example. The same way you would not ignore your kids test scores or them skipping school, you should not let them become lazy when it comes to their health. Are you leading by example?

There will be consequences if you treat the health of your family, and prevention of disease the same way our system treats it……like an afterthought. Oh don’t worry, there’s a pill for that.

Ever heard an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?  Because 18% of children and adolescents are obese? It is only getting worse. The current approach is not working.

The best solution for childhood obesity is not having to deal with the problem in the first place. But we are past that. However, fitness and health professionals are on the front lines ready to help. Diet and exercise are the two main weapons against childhood obesity. Not medication.

I am not going to sit here and say it’s easy. A lot of people never had great examples set for them by their parents. The pressures on this generation are even harder because of social media growing up the kids too fast and not letting kids be kids.

Hopefully, as a parent, you know devoting time to physical activity helps improve your kid test scores and mental health. Because there is more to exercise than weight loss. 

So, if anyone needs help, I’m here for you.  Because together we can raise more confident and healthier kids. But it starts with you, the adult. Lead by example. 

Should I train for muscular strength? muscular endurance? or hypertrophy?

Train for All of them. But do not make this complicated. I am writing this for the 95% of people who just want to get in shape and move on with life. The rules change for high level athletes or those with extreme goals. 

Our certifications tell us the following rep ranges per set work for muscular endurance, muscular strength , and hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is just a fancy name for muscle building 

Muscular endurance –  12-20 rep range, So a lighter weight 

Hypertrophy or muscle building-  8 to 12 reps per set  

Muscular strength – 3-8 reps, or a heavier weight 

 Recent studies show  us 2 things about building muscle  –

You can  build muscle with higher reps and  lighter weight, if that lighter weight is taken close to failure. 

Overall volume of work , sets x reps, is the main thing when it comes to building muscle. Of course, you have to challenge yourself with these weights. The last few reps should be a challenge. 

getting stronger? 


If you are constantly pushing and gradually adding weight to an exercise, you will get stronger in all rep ranges. With 90% of the people I work with , I stay in 8 to 15 rep range.

I have some extremes who have been training for a longer time, or have more time to train per week than others. For these people, in the one on one setting, we do some lower reps in the one to 7 rep range. When you start playing around with heavier weight, there is no wiggle room. 

The best rep range?

I typically stay around the 8 to 12 rep range. In the middle, you will get the most benefit for strength and muscle building. When I notice someone is able to get all of their sets around 12-15 reps with a weight, then we increase the weight. So over time they are working on getting stronger in all rep ranges. 

Ready to get started? 

It can be fun, flexible, and affordable:

 We work with busy professionals who want to be healthy and get in shape. We don’t work with bodybuilders who are trying to compete on stage. That’s why we have workouts that include strength, mobility, cardio, balance, and flexibility all in a 45 minute period.

It’s not your traditional boring treadmill and machine workout. Our program is much easier to maintain and not painful on the joints.

We also teach you what to do when you’re working out alone on off days, or without assistance. And unlike most gyms, we structure our billing so you only pay for what you get. You don’t pay for the days you aren’t here.

We offer payment options by the session, month to month, or punch passes to give busy people like you an easy and stress-free way to get started.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach 

Owner, Results Performance Training

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