As we go in to the Holiday season remember perfectionist will come in last!  If you wait until January 1st to go “all in” it’s doing nothing. The same people that go “all in” on January 1st went all out at some point. All out = Did nothing. You are just losing the same 5 to 10lbs over and over again. A few tips to finish 2018 strong, and get 2019 off to a great start!


Do something, anything, in December. Momentum is a real thing. — Do anything to avoid having to start back up again! If you get in one or 2 “structured” or “higher intensity” workouts it’s better than nothing.  A lot better. Stay active, go for long walks, do a 15 minute strength/cardio workout that requires no equipment. If you need ideas HIT REPLY!  You don’t need a full hour or fancy equipment to get in a great workout!


Reflect! Use this time of the year to reflect on what worked well. Do more of that. Learn from your failures. If something worked for a short period of time, and then stopped, figure out why! Do you need accountability? Was it too aggressive of an approach? Did you have unrealistic goals? Do you need an expert to tell you what to do? Are you listening to “fitness models” and “overnight” trainers who have never trained anyone?


Set REALISTIC goals for 2019 — If you have been doing nothing and then progress to 2 days of structured workouts  that is  a win! We can add in more light activity and more intense workout later. If you “only” lose 2 pounds a month for 12 months that 24lbs is great! The problem is when you compare yourself to others. Get better one day at a time.


You can enjoy your holiday party  and still get results! – One meal is not going to destroy everything. One workout is not going to solve everything. If you can not enjoy a holiday party because there is bad food around, you have a bad relationship with food. With our Nutrition Coaching we address the underlying issues to create lifelong habits. To change your relationship with food to a positive one. If you are hopping around between fad diets you have a bad relationship with food. If you are interested set up your free consultation with me today =>


55 workouts in 30 days and then doing nothing for 11 months is not good. Your highs are too high,  your lows are too low.  Some of you get excited when so called experts  promote  “hell week” workouts. This does not work long term. This is why we see all the injuries from training,  people losing weight just to put it back on. The people who have a “bad” workout, get depressed, and then do nothing for months. The nothing got you in trouble! It’s always what you can do OVER TIME!
I understand most of you have a crazy busy schedule to finish out 2018! If you need help setting goals for 2019 HIT REPLY. We can set up a no charge one on one consultation to talk over things.


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Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Coach

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