So you’ve decided to jump on the fitness bandwagon. Whether this is your first time making an entrance into working out or you’re someone who has been on and off the bandwagon too many times to count, it’s vital that you look at your approach.

The route most people take is signing up for some commercial gym membership, often at a discounted price provided they sign up on some two or three year deal.

Then, two weeks into their membership, they’ve forgotten what the gym looks like. Gym drop-off rates are sky-high – so high in fact, commercial gym owners bank on it. They make most of their money from their large membership base who never frequent the gym, thus pay them their monthly fee without getting much out of it.

Reading that, you may discover that you’ve been one of those people.

There are many reason for these drop-off rates. Such reasons include:

  • They aren’t quite sure what to be doing during the workout session they’re attempting to do
  • They don’t feel comfortable with the other gym members or feel as though they don’t ‘fit in’
  • They don’t like the group fitness classes being offered and feel as though they are just another face in the room
  • They’re unmotivated and the one-on- one personal training sessions are just too pricey to afford

Whichever one of these reasons plays a factor, one thing is certain and that gym membership is not going to use and on top of that, they are not going to achieve their fitness goals.

Commercial gyms let down so many people who have the best intensions to get fit and healthy. Are you one of them?

Here’s what you need instead to look for in a place you want to call your fitness home and what Results Performance Training has to offer.

Ongoing Motivational Support

First, you need ongoing motivational support. Sticking with a workout program is hard. There’s no denying that – everyone struggles from time to time.

What you need is a gym that provides ongoing support and challenges. At Results Performance Training we offer transformation challenges for instance, which are a fantastic way to keep you motivated and having fun at the same time (and, you might even win something!).

Personal Consultations

It’s also very important that you get the personal attention you need. You don’t want to be just another face in the gym, but rather, it’s a must that you are getting an assessment to go over goal setting and what type of workout program is going to be right for you.

If you’re just handed some cookie cutter workout program, you can expect to see mediocre results at best.

We will sit down with you, free of charge, before you even get started and go over everything that you need to know to get started off on the right foot. We don’t want you wasting any time right from the start, but rather, seeing results from the very first day you step into the gym.

Customized Workout Programs

You’ll also want to get your hands on a customized workout program. You want a program that is adapted based on your skill level and abilities. If you are injured for instance, you may need to make some modifications.

At Results Performance Training, we offer a red light green light system, which works based around injuries and what each individual is able to handle.

This will help ensure that you stay in the game long enough to see results.

Fitness Assessments

Ongoing fitness assessments are a must to not only check and see how you are progressing, but to serve as a way of assessing the program you are using as well.

If you never assess your fitness level, it will be hard to know what might need changing in your fitness routine.

We offer body fat assessments as well as numerous fitness tests and assessments to evaluate progression.

Nutritional Assistance

If you haven’t heard the news yet, nutrition is at least 75% of the results you see as far as your body composition goes. If you aren’t eating right, you won’t be making any progress at all.

As such, you need help on the nutrition side of things. We’re here to assist with that as well.

At Results Performance Training, we will review your food logs and can even provide nutritional programs and guidance for you should you need it.

Constant Accountability

When you’re part of a big commercial gym, when you miss a workout, what happens?


That’s what. Actually, that’s not true. The gym manager probably pats himself on the back for stealing yet another dollar from someone with good intensions and lack of direction.

At Results Performance Training, we take missing a workout seriously. You won’t find us celebrating over the fact you’re paying for something you aren’t using. Nope. We’ll be giving you a reminder that it’s time for you to get to the gym.

The reason? We care about your success. If you aren’t successful, we aren’t successful.

We make a point to check in on members if they are missing a session so you’ll have us there to support you and encourage you to come.

Hopefully now you can see why that big-box commercial gym is causing you to go down the wrong path. To really see optimal results, you need a customized solution where you get the support, encouragement, and ongoing assistance you need to realize true success.

At Results Performance Training, we are committed to giving you just that.