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Reply with fitness related questions . I will respond to every single person. Even if you are not paying me a dime. Your questions help me create all the FREE CONTENT featured on the sites below =>



If you are new to RPT set up your free consultation by hitting reply or sending over a text to 757 589 7028! We can talk over your goals and I can explain our different services… group training, fitness boot camp, semi private personal training, and one on one training. If you are looking to get back into the swing of things we would love to have you back in! Schedule your FREE TRIAL SESSION FOR GROUP OR ASK ABOUT OUR NO CONTRACT OPTIONS TO GET STARTED!

Current members => take advantage of everything that comes with your membership….consultations, assessments, food log reviews, home workouts, red light/green light injury prevention consultations, etc.

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Our Red Light Green light system to prevent injury +

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Accountability Check ins when you miss +

Home workouts +

Fun Individualized workouts+

Personal Coach that you can text at any time with questions (757 589 7028)+

Free Book

No contract options. Try before you sign up. No pressure sales. No more signing up for a gym that you will never use, that provides no guidance. No more large group classes that do a better job of causing injuries than getting results. No more overnight certified trainers, sales experts, and fitness models who can NOT Coach you to RESULTS!

Not Local ? Too Busy? Or Interested in our Nutrition Coaching Services? Check out our link below and schedule your FREE CONSULTATION => https://procoach.app/detric-smith

Happy New Year!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Coach