a current member! I will start with her concerns and challenges before getting started. I will give you an overview of how we addressed her concerns. How we changed her life! A quick overview……

  • Woman
  • Age: 47
  • Injuries: shoulder, low back, and knee
  • High stress job, married with 3 children (8, 13, 16), lacks time, neverĀ finds time for herself
  • Goal – lose 15lbs of fat, tone, more energy to keep up with children, role model for children, confidence, run 5K with her 13 year old daughter, needs accountability

Concerns about session before taking –

  • Not enough cardio in our sessions
  • Session Not long enough
  • Why are there no traditional machines?
  • Scheduling flexibility –Missing because of lots of travel
  • What to do on the off -days
  • Getting judged and being placed in a group where everyone is experienced with exercise
  • Afraid of contracts
  • Safety in group classes

Previous exercise history – Nothing over the past 5 years. Off and On before that. Exercise machines for both strength and “cardio”. Very little strength training. A brief stint with a large ” chain group class.” right before trying us out. She explained the group was too big for personal attention, pushed too hard, and did not take the time to correct technique.

Nutrition – tried various diets but could not stick with them long term. Things like keto, paleo, and weight watchers just to name a few.

Mentally – She was the all in, or do nothing type. She would get on a roll, and then one thing would throw her off for months. Struggled with exercise throughout entire life. I was able to pick up on how to motivate her. She enjoys group energy, but nothing too over the top. She was the type to get excited and hop from fad to fad, but never made a lifestyle change.

Budget for training – Could afford to pay between $60 to $150 per month

We found out the above at the FREE ONE ON ONE CONSULTATION. If you are interested HIT REPLY. We will never put someone in a position to fail. It has to be the perfect fit!

How did we solve her problems? Help her reach her goals?

We took the time to build the relationship and educate her. Communication is the key. The topics we discussed…

We explained training methods (circuit training, HIIT, metabolic conditioning ) and how they allow her to keep her heart rate elevated, and benefit from strength training. It is time efficient compared to traditional commercial gym workouts. We discussed how our dynamic (not old school static) flexibility/mobility warm up would help her prevent injury. We explained the benefit of foam rolling/soft tissue work.

The Precision Nutrition program went deeper than other programs she used in the past. Instead of saying “go eat this” we took the time to know her individual needs. It made nutrition simple. It helped her build a foundation that will last a lifetime. She was able to improve her relationship with food. She understood that following strict plans never work in the long term.

Goal setting- We made sure we were on the same page before starting. It is not a good idea to go from nothing to pushing hard 6 days a week. I set realistic expectations in regards to results. I explained how the scale means nothing. I explained our philosophy on starting slower than you think you have to. It would allow her to ease into a lifestyle change.

How did we address her injuries? – We used the no charge one on one consultation to explain our red light/green light system. If an exercise caused pain, we replaced it with a joint friendly modification.

We create an atmosphere where it’s OK to modify. It’s OK to just be YOU!! We took the time to educate her that you have to train SMART, in order to train hard, long term. We know who to push, and when. We don’t push too hard, too early. We know this will ALWAYS lead to an injury. We would designate a station for her to do physical therapy exercises.

These 2 articles will give you a more in depth look =>


If you have specific questions, it cost nothing to ask!

How did she get started? We let her use the free trial session , after the free one on one consultation. She enjoyed the session so she ended up going with our no contract, $90 for 30 days unlimited training sessions + precision nutrition trial. =>http://resultsperformancetraining.com/transformation/
She also took advantage of the no charge assessments, home workouts, and asked a lot of questions.

She told us about her crazy schedule and how she would miss a month over the summer. She went month to month for a while to see if it would be a good fit. She ended up signing up for the year to save some money! We allowed her to come to any session without having to email, use scheduling software, or pay extra for a session because she missed. We sent over emails to check on her when she missed.

She ended up reaching ALL of her goals! It really shocked her that she was able to do the 5K, without running much?! For the first time , she was not injured all the time. Improved confidence, Energy, and reduced stress.

It was always about her family and co-workers . During the process she lost herself. We did more than help her get her body back. We helped her get her life back! Finding the time to take care of herself made her a better mom, wife, and co-worker!

If you are ready to change your life HIT REPLY. I will not let you fail.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1

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