Today I am going to discuss some big mistakes I see when people are trying to reach their fitness goals. I am going to break it down into our 3 services (Fat Loss Transformation, Active Aging, Youth Fitness/Sports Performance)


For Fat Loss they rank cardio, diet, and strength when it should be change nutrition habits, strength training, and cardio. In some cases they don’t know how to do strength training safely so they do just cardio. Maybe they don’t understand how important maintaining muscle is when it comes to LONG TERM fat loss? Lose muscle, damage your metabolism, and end up in a never ending cycle of losing weight just to put it back on. Strength training is NOT bodybuilding, crossfit, or powerlifting!! We make sure we find the right exercises for YOUR goals!!

Some people just love certain foods so much their mind is looking for a way to eat them, often. Maybe they eat “bad foods” and feel like a “bad person” because they decided to follow a diet.  It’s about making a lifestyle change. It does not help when places lie and make it seem like you are burning 2 million calories with their session. In reality just about all of your trackers and monitors are not even close to being accurate.

They focus on feelings instead of results – Working hard is important. Consistently working hard and smart beats working hard. Sadly there are a lot of places that have turned exercise into a beat down session without taking the time to understand what you NEED. Sadly, most of you don’t even know what you need. They know that as long as you break a sweat, feel sore, and get the adrenaline rush you will be happy. Just because you feel like you accomplished something does not mean it is getting you closer to your goal. There is a thing called the intensity sweet spot that we find better than anyone.

You don’t understand how important sleep is!! This is one of those boring topics that we need to talk about more. If you want to find the quickest way to ruin hormones, stay hungry, reduce energy, have a bad workout, not be able to think,  stress more,  and feel terrible then try to live off no sleep.


Find the lead domino with an assessment and consultation(IT’S FREE!)- We can save you a lot of time (and energy, and money) if we find out what the problem is FIRST!  You think you know, but you probably don’t. We have to think about things OVER TIME! Maybe we need to emphasize soft tissue quality in order to improve mobility and flexibility ? Maybe we need to address mobility and flexibility so that you can do more strength training exercises with better technique? Maybe one or 2 strength training exercises that take 5 minutes improve balance more than 49 million “balance” gadgets.

Your body is one piece!!!– If you have an injury somewhere it’s probably because you lack mobility or strength somewhere else.  In most cases I can improve something as small (or big!) as grip strength and it will improve your performance on other exercises. Once again this goes back to getting an expert to figure out the real problem.

Focus on what you can do!!- Whatever you focus on grows!! If you sit around and feel sorry for yourself because you can’t do ____ then things will get worse! Do what you can do with what you currently have! Not just your body, but with the (limited) time you have! Get Started!

You probably don’t need to do 20 activities to improve balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, fat loss,  etc. => We focus on the 80/20 rule. This means that we find the  20 percent of things that will give you 80 or 90 percent of the results! Our goal is to become great at these things. This will give you results while saving time. It will allow you to recover from the sessions quicker and get better results OVER TIME! Yes, we can address everything during the 45 minute session!!


I was fortunate enough to be featured on ELITEFTS  with an article on Sports Performance Training. I wrote about  the biggest mistakes with youth training. I am going to link it  below =>


If you are interested in our youth programs respond and we can set up a no charge success session to discuss our 2 programs.. General Fitness and Sports Performance.

It’s time to get out of your own head and TAKE ACTION! Get Started with…

A 5 minute call to get an overview of our 3 services and levels, prices, and ask any  questions. You can also use this to schedule your FREE SUCCESS SESSION at the studio. 757 589 7028 is a number you can text/call to talk over things. 

FREE SUCCESS SESSION– Use this one on one 30 minute consultation to learn more and see the studio. We are not going to put you in position to fail or feel uncomfortable. If you have concerns over previous injuries, lack of exercise history, or being placed in a group where everyone is “advanced” then I address this. 

TRIAL OFFERS- We then set you up with a TRIAL OFFER  that is not associated with a contract to try it out first.  The difference between a coaching program and a gym is that we give each member WAY MORE ATTENTION when it comes to reaching YOUR GOALS. We hold you accountable. 

If you are someone that needs more attention than a typical gym can provide send us an email or text/call 757 589 7028 to get started! 

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist