I give up! + 6 week challenge

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☑️ The “perfect” plan will fail if you fail to do this?!

☑️ 6 week Jump Start Challenge

Just give me the plan Detric!!!! 

I stopped handing out plans to people who refuse to consult or get coaching . I had a few products and plans that worked VERY WELL, but I noticed that people thought the plan worked without adjustments. 

A plan without adjustments for when life gets crazy will never work. If so, you would have stuck with the previous 300 diet books and workouts you attempted. 

Today we will talk about the  power of coaching + Why the perfect plan includes weekly, in some cases daily, modifications and adjustments. 

Short term vs long term results –

Without coaching, people can follow a plan and get results. BUT most realize they can not follow the plan long term. They Give up. Then blame themselves for not having discipline. 

One of the reasons our 6 week challenge works so well is because we have back up plans and modifications for every situation. Going out to eat, no experience, or having a minor injury does not have to be the end of your plan. Good coaches help you make adjustments. 

The best plan will not work forever! Make adjustments! 

Everything works for the first few weeks. If you want to make long term progress, have a coach help you make adjustments. 

Just make sure you don’t get shiny object syndrome and hop around between plans too quick. A great coach will be able to help you stay on track. 

Generic one size fits all plans do not work!

Too many coaches hand out generic plans , then blame you for not having enough discipline to follow them. I cringe when I hear about coaches that hand out the same generic meal plan, grocery list, and workouts to every single person they work with. 

Find the real problem FIRST!

A coach can save you a ton of time and money! With all of the information out there, it is easy to get confused. 

Some people are set in their beliefs. You need an expert to open your mind to different ways to solve your problem. 

See coaching as an investment that will give you a massive return! 

With our exercise programs we start with a free consultation. This allows us to see what plan will work for you. It also allows us to be up front with the best plan based on your busy schedule, budget, exercise history, injury history, everything. 

6 week challenge 

Need a Jump- start to reach your fitness goals ? Check out what comes with our 6 week challenge   and contact us today for more information about cost, free consultations, and all of our services.  => 6 week challenge 

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