I hate these modifications!? + 6 week challenge!

Today we will talk about …..

☑️  Should you modify? Or do what everyone else is doing?

☑️ 6 week Jump Start Challenge

We are known for having tons of modifications! Some places say any fitness level, but their sessions leave those new to exercise feeling left out.

We even have members with minor injuries that are able to train because of our modifications.

Everyone should do modifications!

Failing to do modifications and variations will lead to…

Getting Injured 

Not getting as much out of the session 

The getting hurt part should be obvious. The hard-headed person who thinks they will speed up progress by doing the “harder “ variation will get hurt.

You think you are not getting anything out of modifications. Think again!

Most of the time I hear this from people who are doing nothing right now. Something is always better than nothing.

The progression to the exercise you want to do is the modification. Have some patience!

You are actually getting more out of the modifications. Yes, more!!!! 

Doing an advanced exercise when you are not ready means you will do it wrong.

Doing the exercise wrong means you are not getting anything out of it.

Modifications prevent overthinking, and overthinking prevents you from pushing hard during a session. Some exercises are too technical for those starting out. We break them down into exercises you can do, that work for the same muscle groups.

We find exercises that work for your body, to improve weak areas. Getting those weak areas strong means you will eventually be able to do that exercise.

We care more about your goal, not a specific exercise. 

More important than one exercise is looking at the big picture!

Every once in a while I get someone who wants to improve a specific exercise. But 9 times out of 10 they want to lose fat, get stronger, get active, and have general health goals.

I have a million different exercises I can use to help you reach that goal. It’s about the overall plan, NOT a specific exercise! There are no magic exercises!


The comparison trap is killing you 

The good thing about our group is everyone is modifying in some way.  And we have tons of modifications.

I have to tell some people “Group is not for you.” At least at first. Nine times out of Ten this is more mental than physical. Some people are too competitive or care too much about what other people think. These people do well in the one-on-one or semi-private setting before transitioning to the group.

Stop beating yourself up because the person next to you can do more. They have probably been coming for the past 3 years and started off the same way as you. But they did not give up and make excuses the second things got tough.

Trust me,  no one in the group is looking at you saying anything negative. They are too worried about making it through the workout. Our groups are very supportive! I place you in the right group when we do the no-charge consultation.

📣Ready to do something for yourself? Improve your health?

Check out the 6-week challenge below!  

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