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☑️ Mental Training will take you to the next level 

☑️ NEW Program- Beginner Fitness 

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☑️ Mental Training will take you to the next level 

The mental game is holding more of you back than the physical. 

Last night at our workshop I touched on mental Training. Tips for how to turn your negative self-talk into a positive. 

We need to replace thoughts like…

“I am too old”

“I can not eat healthy” 

“I don’t know enough to start “

…With positive self talk and affirmations. This has to be a plan, not left to chance. 

We focus on the “5 Ps :” Perspective, Process, Present, Positive, and Progress.

We help you identify negative thoughts. Replace them with positive thoughts and routines. Something as small as writing in a journal can be huge. 

We also help you analyze your inner circle. You need to get away from negative people. By joining results you are surrounded by positive people who are attacking the same goal as you. You will see success stories to your left and right while you are training with us. 

If you need help developing this mental plan, email us [email protected] and we can address this. 

☑️ NEW Program- Beginner Fitness 

We have created a few NEW programs geared toward those who …

Returning to exercise after a long lay off 

Returning from injury

Completely new to training and/or strength training 

Prefer 1 on 1 or Semi-Private vs our Group Fitness 

Need some assistance with Nutrition and the other 23 hours 

Not interested in Contracts, but our session to session or month to month options.

If this sounds like you, email us [email protected] and we will send over all the details. 

Interested in getting started? Email us at [email protected] or text SPECIAL OFFERS to 757 589 7028 (or call) for more information about our services – 1 on 1 training, semi private 1 trainer for 3-5 people, or our Group Fitness. In person and virtual options. 

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach 

Owner, Results Performance Training

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