Are you always injured?! Below are a few exercise tips so you can train without pain! I broke these tips down in to the most common injuries….Shoulders, Low back, and knee! Feel free to HIT REPLY if you have any questions or comments!

If you have shoulder issues…

Use a “sling shot” ?!– We have some of our members use the sling shot?! It wraps around your upper arms and puts you in the safest position to push away from your body! Will improve push-ups and allow for safer bench pressing! You can see it here=> https://markbellslingshot.com/collections/sling-shot/products/reactive-sling-shot

Have a hard time pressing over head? Do the landmine press instead! This a piece of equipment that we use a lot at RPT! It will allow you to press at an angle. Much easier on the shoulders! Improves Core strength at the same time! If you don’t have access to a landmine  trainer wrap a towel around the end of a barbell. Place it in a corner.  You will  be able to do most landmine exercises!

Use Dumbells in place of  barbells when you push/press away from your body! Much easier on the shoulder joint! Dumbells allow for more range of motion compared to barbells. Works much better for most people! Will speed up progress!

Obsess over the muscles you CAN NOT see in the mirror! – How much can you row? Sadly , no one will ever ask this question! It’s all about the push-ups and bench press correct? The muscles you can see in the mirror?  No!!!! If you have shoulder issues (or susceptible to them) pull towards your body 3 times for every push/press! This will improve posture and help you avoid the wear and tear of high volume pushing!

Understand the concept of “Shoulder packing” – The shoulder joint is a very mobile joint (it should be) so learn to stabilize it during certain movements. Learning to keep your shoulders down and back while having a professional analyze technique will go a long way!


Have a hard time with lunges? Squats?– Try different variations and choose more hip hinge exercises! We take some of our members over to the TRX for supported squats and this does the trick! We use things like sleds and prowler pushes to load the lower body, safely! You can still do things like Romanian deadlifts safely!  It might be as simple as having a professional review your technique.

Watch jumps and plyometrics! If you have followed my newsletter you know my opinion on box jumps! I am not a fan of box jumps and excessive jumps/plyometric training. I use this with a small group of my youth athletes, that have been working with me for a while. If you are someone who just  wants to lose a few pounds analyze the risk vs reward! Not just box jumps. Switching to lower impact variations for things like jumping jacks can go a long way!

Is running required to lose weight?! No!! – I am Not a fan of just throwing people on treadmills! Most people need to get in shape to run, not run to get in shape. We use techniques like metabolic conditioning, supersets, and adjusting rest periods so you get a cardiovascular benefit from strength training. Without the pounding on the joints! A person with more weight to lose will have way more pounding on the joints!  If your running technique is bad, or you happen to be weak, you will get hurt! Combine that with the fact that most people have no progression plan at all = Recipe for disaster!

Low back =>

No more Belly button to the spine cue! Learn to brace your abs!– This is a concept that is very hard for most beginners to get! It’s also hard for some newbie trainers to spot or coach. I can’t explain it better than Cassie did in this article below. Check it out!! https://breakingmuscle.com/learn/how-are-we-still-getting-it-wrong-abdominal-hollowing-vs-bracing

Work on hip mobility(different from flexibility)– If you have tight hips then you will get low back pain! We address this every session with a variety of exercises!

Foam roll the areas around your low back!– For those who might not be able to afford a daily massage use the foam roller! We use, and sell these, to our members.  Will go a long way to speed recovery and help you warm up!  The glutes, upper back, and lower body are the areas you should focus on. Rolling out the low back is not doing as much as you think to prevent low back pain!

Keep your reps lower on exercises like deadlifts and barbell squats– Most injuries happen in a state of fatigue, when technique gets sloppy! You might not be ready for high rep (15-20) work yet! Another reason I cringe when I see videos of these large group classes using the “beat down” method of training! This will NEVER work for people who need fitness professionals the most! It might look “cool” on facebook and Instagram..but IT IS NOT SAFE!!

For those more advanced Replace Barbell deadlifts with the Hex Bar. We have to question tradition!! Just because something is popular does not mean it’s the best way! Nothing wrong with barbell deadlifts at all! Have an expert analyze your body type to find the safest variation FOR YOU!

Do more single leg work!– The upright position will allow you load your lower body without stress on the low back.

One more BONUS TIP for you! – Get your mind right!! You “all or nothing, I did nothing unless the session smashed me into the ground” people… will NEVER make long term progress! You will start, stop, start, stop ….and get no where, fast! Results don’t happen overnight!!

If you have any injuries contact us for a no charge assessment and/or FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREEN. If you are coming in with previous injuries  we will  “red light” some exercises to keep you SAFE! Green light others to keep you moving SAFELY!

When you are ready to get started below are a few ways..

✔HIT REPLY OR TEXT 757 589 7028 to schedule your no charge one on one consultation! We have to learn more about you before we know if group training, semi private, or personal is the best fit! No Contracts! No high pressure sales! You have to be sick and tired, of being sick and tired. As in ready to throw away the excuses and make a lifestyle change! .No Fads. Just Results!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Certified

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