Injury Modifications+Done with Keto?!

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☑️ Top Injury Modifications 

☑️Transitioning off Keto or Low Carb

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☑️ Top Injury Modifications + Modifications for those getting started

It can be scary to workout with an injury. After you have checked with a doctor, below are a few of the top modifications to make. This list also helps those who are just getting started with an exercise routine. 

Remove Jumps- For most people the risk is not worth it. We have low impact modifications for every exercise. 

Remove Getting up and Down- This is a good modification for those just getting started with a routine . Being able to get up and down from the floor is important. But for some people we have to gradually work into this. 

Pull towards your body more than you push away- This is a great one for people with shoulder issues . Everyone can do more rows or pull-up/pull-downs  to help improve posture. 

Push away from body at different angles- We have a lot of people that can not press overhead. We are still able to keep them going with our landmine presses and other angles to safely work the Shoulders. 

Choose the right core exercises! – We take the time to assess which core exercises are the best for you. We teach you how to use your core to protect your low back. 

Knee pain? – We have tons of variations to work the legs without as much bending of the knee. 

Start Slower – When in doubt, go slower than you think. Start too fast and your chance for injury goes up. 

Focus on what you can do! – Not what you can not do. Not a good idea to stop everything. Movement will make things feel better! We help you move safely. You can still get a great workout with an injury. 

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☑️Transitioning off Keto or Low Carb

Below is a great article about transitioning off keto or very low carb diets. Most of you know I am not a fan of extremes. Very low carb diets are hard to sustain for most. There is a big difference between good carbs and bad carbs. You might be missing out on much needed fiber and nutrients that you can only get from Carbs. Check it out here  

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Detric Smith, Owner Results Performance Training

CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist

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