I hate all of these fad diets. They don’t work, unless you think losing and gaining the same 10 pounds is working.

They all know how to fool you. You want to get results. You want to belong. You see the results of one person on one day of their life, and you decide to follow THEIR plan. After all, it must work, right? You try it, maybe it works for a month, then it stops. You’re back to square one, blaming yourself for not having the willpower to stay on the plan. Breaking news in 3,2……

The “plan” was terrible from the start because it was not YOUR plan!

A book, or self-proclaimed coach, telling you to eat grilled chicken and broccoli is not a genius. These fake experts only care about your short-term results so they can flaunt them and fool the next person. These fake experts are not changing lives. Most are not even in this game for the long haul themselves.

That’s another reason diets fail – They look at things in isolation. You should never do that! Look at the big picture!

Let me use the popular intermittent fasting vs breakfast debate to examine both sides of the equation.

Intermittent Fasting Winner => “OMG it was amazing! I lost weight like crazy and felt 10 years younger!”

After further investigation, I found out this person stopped eating their usual breakfast of muffins and pop-tarts. They also increased their water and protein intake because the book strongly recommended it. So, was it the intermittent fasting? Or maybe it worked because…

==> they, stopped eating the muffins and pop tarts?! Maybe the lack of pop-tarts not only dropped calories itself, but also removed a trigger food for them, usually a food full of sugar that causes the entire day to go downhill.

“Breakfast” to most people looks like dessert eaten before 11AM. And if you eat dessert before 11AM, you will feel like eating lunch and dinner before noon! Don’t be fooled and think you will lose weight because Kellogg’s had 49 billion dollars going towards an ad that said, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. ”

Intermittent Fasting Fail=> “I tried that intermittent fasting thing and it did not work at all!”

After further investigation, this person skipped breakfast and it caused THEM to eat more throughout the day!

Maybe this person was eating a sound, whole food breakfast, and due to their busy schedule, a fast food dinner was really the issue. Remove that breakfast, and you’ve got an extremely hungry person missing the meal with the most nutrients. Now, due to hunger, that person has to scramble in their spare five minutes during their eating window to eat whatever they can get their hands on, which usually isn’t healthy. Is it their fault, or are they set up for failure?

Intermittent Fasting Conclusion => It depends. Yeah, you want a set answer and there is not one.

It starts with the individual, not the diet. Meal frequency can vary and reach the same result. Factors that can influence that are quality of food, activity levels, sleep quality, stress, age, hormonal profile, type of exercise, and much more.

I’m sorry. I know I upset some people today. Talking about someone’s diet plan is always a point of contention. My goal is to convince you the second you name your diet, it’s destined to fail. You name your kids, not your diet. Why? When you name your diet, it starts a bad relationship with food. Because unless you plan on restraining from a food FOREVER, then you cheated on your diet. You will then feel like a failure.

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Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Certified


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