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Is Muscle Toning a Myth or a Reality?

How many times have you heard someone say, “I just want to tone”? If you spend any time in the gym, that number is probably very high!

With so many people carrying the goal of toning their bodies, it seems like it must be a realistic option. But is it?

There is a myth that working with light weights and doing many repetitions will tone the body. This leads to people who do the same thing every day without increasing the amount of weight they lift.

They want to have a toned body without getting bulky and building an excessive amount of muscle.

The problem is that this method does not work.

The Overall Myth of Muscle Toning

Muscles don’t tone. It isn’t something that fits with how muscles develop. You either grow muscle, or lose muscle. Losing fat and maintaining or growing muscle gives you that “toned” look you desire. 

When someone indicates they want toned muscles, they typically mean that they want to grow their muscles – but they don’t want to push that beyond a certain point.

You lose muscle when you are not doing strength training. You gain fat when you are not eating right and not exercising. As a result, the muscles may look softer and not as toned as they used to be.

So, in the end, there is no difference between toning and growing muscles. Those who say they want to “tone” their muscles want to make their muscles harder and decrease their body fat without having a ton of visible growth.

The Right Exercises for Building Muscles

Earlier, we mentioned that many people who want to tone focus on using light weights but doing many reps. And this article isn’t to say that there’s anything wrong with that. Just don’t choose a weight so light you need a hundred reps before you actually start working the muscle! 

But what you need to know is that it shouldn’t be the only form of workout you engage in. If you don’t push yourself to become stronger, having the toned look you want will never happen.

Try spending part of the time doing the opposite: lifting heavier weights but for fewer reps.

This doesn’t mean you’ll start to look like a bodybuilder. It won’t happen unless you’re explicitly doing things to ensure that. It’s hard work. The needed testosterone to get bulky isn’t present for women unless taken in some other form. 

What to Do Instead of the Latest Trendy Toning Exercises

So what should you do instead of focusing on spending tons of time lifting light weights? We have a few recommendations.

  1. Focus on getting stronger. It’s the best way to make your body have a toned look that you want.
  1. Once you have perfected your technique, try lifting more weight. Rinse and repeat as you get stronger.
  1. Eat healthier-  If you want to lose a few pounds, eat to lose weight. This will help show off your lean muscle.

If you can remove the idea of “toning muscles” and focus on getting lean and strong, you’ll be on your way to the body you’ve always wanted. Get stronger, train harder, and eat healthy foods. You’ll be surprised by the results!

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