Are you a college kid in your 20s with no job, no kids, no injuries, and have unlimited time to workout? If yes=stop reading! If no= continue reading.

The program you followed 15 years ago probably will not lead to results today! I am going to provide a few tips to help you get past the plateau. I will touch on …

Mindset and Goal Setting
Why you need to prioritize Recovery
Why the “just go run” routine will destroy you!
Strength Training and Menopause

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Mindset and Goals– You are not the same person you were 10 years ago! This is OK!

What are your goals now? Think big picture! Not just exercise! I know my goals have changed a lot in the past 10 years. I exercise to …

Help manage the stress that comes along with owning a business
For the gajillion health benefits it provides
Mental Health benefits
For energy to attack my life goals, have an impact on others
The confidence that comes along with looking your best

…..There are about 90 million other reasons! My answers would have been much different (superficial) 10 to 15 years ago. The people I train have shaped my thoughts and given me a new perspective. Exercise is a PART of my life. I have dedicated my life to it, but it’s NOT my entire life. You might exercise …..

To become a better role model for your children/grandchildren
Enjoy retirement
Continue to do the things you have enjoyed
Live longer and get more out of life

There might be a few of you on my list who just want “6 pack abs.” There is nothing wrong with this, but hopefully you find deeper meaning behind that goal. Nothing worse than reaching a goal only to realize it brings no value to your life! Start with Why!!!

So first get clear on what you want! Why do you want to achieve it?! The change is good. It represents growth!

Recovery, Stress, and Program Design – When I write program design I am manipulating exercises/sets/reps/rest periods, etc. to stress your body. To send a signal to the body that is just enough stress, but not too much. Your body will then adapt to become stronger, improve metabolism, and help you lose weight.

In most cases sitting down on an exercise machine is not doing much. Following the latest workout craze (beat down session) is doing nothing except causing injuries. If your program is “go for a run”, good luck not getting inured! An expert can help you find the intensity sweet spot! It will lead to long term results! Not the progress for 3 to 4 weeks and then having to stop because of injury or burnout!

You are what you can recover from! If you don’t recover from it, that training session was a waste! A solid program design has hard, medium, and lights days with variables adjusted for your INDIVIDUAL NEEDS! An expert will assess overall life stress before writing your program design.

Go to sleep, meditate, practice gratitude, eat high quality food, and work with a professional to assist with a recovery plan. First, research fitness professionals. There are a lot of popular fakes in our industry.

A few more quick tips…..

Women going through menopause should prioritize REAL strength training! The cardio only sessions, fad gym beat down sessions, are destroying you! Overtraining and lack of planning can really mess with hormones. The type of exercise you are doing can cause you to become hungrier and lead to injury! A quick excerpt from a book I had chance to read below=>

Nutrition– What you eat will change based on so many factors! The lazy coaches who give you a set meal plan without being there to help you make adjustments cause more harm than good. They make it seem like you are a failure for not following their plan. They did not take the time come up with a plan that YOU can follow LONG TERM!

Real Coaching involves helping people make adjustments! This is a major reason why I partnered up with PRECISION NUTRITION to offer their coaching Services to our members. At a fraction of the cost you would have to pay for their services. Throughout the process of attaining their certification I learned a lot about MAKING CHANGES THAT LAST! Changes that fit with your lifestyle!…..HIT REPLY TO GET ON THIS LIST AND RECEIVE MORE INFO when we open this program in November!

Do you lack time? Don’t know where to start? – The good news is a few small changes will add up over time. You don’t have to go from doing nothing to working out for an hour every single day. If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired then HIT REPLY! I will sit across from you with the FREE SUCCESS SESSION. No high pressure sales. No long contracts. I will not throw you into a program that is not a good fit for your lifestyle, goals, or budget!

here to help,
Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

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