I can hear it now…“you personal trainers have the skinny gene and work out all the time. You can do anything and get results! I hate all of you!” I am 36 now. When I was 23 I put on over 30lbs in a relatively short period of time. Kind of embarrassing  to admit. I was just getting away with an extremely high activity, no stress, and being a college student with no money to buy food. I realized REAL quick this exercise thing Is just part of the equation.

 I had to develop solid eating habits.  I had to practice what I preach.  I invested in a coach and was able to lose  all of that weight in a strict 16 week period.  I went from eating like crap,  to “clean eating” becoming an eating disorder. This Is not good either! A few lessons today on how I was able to bring it back to middle. Make it a lifestyle. It will be hard before it becomes easy. This is the main reason you need a Coach for accountability!  You know you can HIT REPLY or text 757 589 7028 if you need me!

You want to know what I settled on? It’s  called The simple rules Plan. Let me preface this by saying these rules are for ME, MYSELF, and I. A lot of them will apply to you. Some will not. Execution of a good plan will always beat a great plan with terrible execution.

Want to know who I listen to for the majority of my nutrition advice now?…My body! If you have ever failed on a diet (or 5 million ) that can be a good thing. Learn from your mistakes! I pay attention to HEC (Hunger, Energy, Cravings) and Results. I see it as an ongoing experiment.

I don’t make blanket statements about MOST nutrition topics. I also realize most people argue over the 2% percent but ignore the 98% we all agree on! The same people doing research on the dangers of bagged salad will order a Big Mac. If most people focused on what we ALL agree on, our nation would not have an obesity epidemic.

So let me make this clear…Diets do not work! They don’t work because they skip right over the individual. It always starts with the individual!   I regurgitate when I see group classes throw  30 people in a room and say “go jump on a box” without talking to INDIVIDUALS about their  injury history and exercise history. I know only the “in shape” will “survive” these plans. The others will have fun for a few weeks, get an injury, and then drop out. It is the same with diet! You are an individual!!

Am I talking down to anyone here? Nope. I have tried multiple “diets” and techniques in the past. They all work but none of them work, long term! I have done intermittent fasting. I have done 3 meals per day. I have done 6 meals per day. I have done low carbs, low fat, and just about everything. Things I have learned that work for ME!

If I am not hungry AT ALL I don’t eat.  I will fail to make most of you realize you have been brainwashed into thinking there are set times to eat.  If you wake up to eat a muffin (or any dessert we call breakfast here in the US) and think you are better than someone who waited an extra hour or 2 you have been fooled. Fooled by Food Marketing that says “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I noticed my energy and ability to focus went through the roof when I stopped mindlessly eating to start my day.  My alarm goes off at 330AM.  I don’t race to down to the kitchen to eat when I am not hungry at all!

When I feel slightly hungry….I eat a protein + higher fiber  meal.  A very high percentage of protein with less carbs and good fats.

Keep a water bottle with me at all times

I end up going with 3 meals per day – 2 of them  bit lighter and one heavier.  2 are protein + Fiber (veggies maybe fruit also) and the other is protein +starch+veggie.

Stay away from peanut butter. FOR ME!! It taste REALLY good, to ME. Really good! Like, no way I am going to stop at 2 tablespoons good. You probably don’t need more  willpower or self control. You need to plan better!  Say no one time in the grocery store, so you don’t have to say no 49 million times in the kitchen.  There are some healthy foods (especially some fats)  higher in calories which can prevent you from losing weight.

Lets look at the big picture! We all have triggers. Your trigger will be different from my trigger. Put sweets in front of me and I am good. Now salty, fat, burger-ish type food and……

I eat protein , fruit,  veggies, and drink water BEFORE starchy carbs. I know me. I eat just as fast as I talk when I am coaching. Instead of acting like I am going to change this overnight(or ever) I design strategies to cover up my weaknesses.  These foods make me slow down a bit and the damage is not as bad. Less calories per bite.  Because your brain doesn’t immediately register that your stomach is full, you may be at risk of eating more than your body needs and getting too full if you are prone to eating quickly or on-the-go.  I don’t obsess over my weaknesses like some of you do. Some of you are playing to not lose. Play to win (like the 49ers. all they do is win, win, win) and stay focused on executing your plan.

I am going to lose most of you in 3, 2…...I eat the majority of  carbs at night! My reasoning for this would be similar to what Nate Miyaki says on this topic here=> https://www.livestrong.com/article/557830-4-reasons-to-eat-more-calories-and-carbs-at-night/  Now, Did I read his article before switching to eating carbs at night?! Nope. I went back and did a quick review of my past. What worked, and did not work, for me! When I touch starchy carbs(without a high percentage of fiber) earlier In the day it would snowball for the ENTIRE DAY!

OMG Detric eats carbs?! Yep! You want to know why? I tried all that keto and crazy low carb stuff just like you. It worked, but it did not. It was easy to follow , yet hard to follow long term.  My workouts started to suffer. I lost strength. I lost weight. A lot of it was muscle. I was able to track this but a lot of you don’t take the time to. You bask in moral victories of weight loss vs. looking at body composition.  I can hear all the keto “experts” now….oh, well he did not fully adapt, and, well, review this study below about how there is no long term difference…


High quality carbs + the  occasional not so high quality carbs= Detric is happy. Detric feels good. Detric can stay on his plan long term.  If you plan to go keto  don’t eat pounds of bacon, sausage, and salami and then make others feel bad because they had a piece of fruit! Do something similar to a paleo style and you will do fine. I hate calling it paleo though! I wish I would have named it paleo before they took common sense rules and marketed it though! Can keto work? Yes, it can. is it better? No. Does it work for everyone. No.

This is going to be a 2 or 3 part article . I was in the writing zone and failed to realize my 9ers are in the process of beating up on an inferior football team. Stay Tuned!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist


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